GODDESS REVIVAL 2019 Conference & Retreat (SF)

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3359 26th St

3359 26th Street · San Francisco

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An Opulent Art Gallery - 1 block from BART

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We, western women know we are destined to mend the earth. Moving forward deeply aligned, manifesting hugely and consistently. Join us for a nourishing weekend of positive sisterhood and women leaders, like you, committed to catalyzing positive change ... by linking our arms together.

Temples of Women Rising Together

Women are emerging to RE-Claim our Leadership Roles as the Matriarchs, Healers and Visionary Leaders of our communities and our hurting culture. As this emergence continues, there is a growing need for women healers and leaders to come together in support, so that we can Unleash the Power of our Collective Wisdom - and - live fulfilling and prosperous lives.

Join us to Collectively Call IN and Upgrade Together.

... in business, relationships, releasing old paradigms, opening to love and radical self care - so you can serve authentically while living abundantly, even during these challenging political and societal times.

We would be honored if you’d claim your powerful seat and join us for this powerful retreat.


PURCHASE YOUR WEEKEND PASS: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevival2019Tix


Join the Great Re-Claiming of The Goddess Path:

Immerse your deepest self in sisterhood with positive spiritual women inspiring one another. FEM Talks believes that as conscious spiritual women we are here to help create the practical transformation that’s so needed on our planet right now.


A Beautiful Feminine Art & Temple Space - Downtown SF:
(3 min walk from BART) As you walk through the front door and rich floors and gorgeous decor’ capture your gaze. You are nourished by natural lighting and altars throughout the space.

... You will know right away that this will be no ordinary weekend. ​This is a place of positivity, healing and rejuvenation.

Celebrating & Reclaiming Ancient Global Goddess Roots Of Easter.

We are in great need of aligning our sacred values, our sovereignty, our vision, and our mission ... with the support of tribe and sisters who are also aligned. Sharing resources and making it as easy to be aligned women trailblazers who are mending our planet together. In ancient times "Easter" was a goddess celebration. From Kali, Coatlicue, Ostara, Oya, Olokun, Ishtar, Eostre, Hathor, Astarte, Inanna, Aphrodite

This retreat is a celebration of ancient feminine wisdom AND honoring of women in the healing arts, feminine prosperity, feminine leadership, earth wisdom and cycles which go deep in every ancient culture across ALL of the continents of our globe​. ​

Join with women committed to mending the world with divinely guided wisdom, collaborative philanthropy and sisterhood.


Activate Yourself as the Woman Leader & Change Maker You’re Meant to Be.

— Steep in a Community of Total Support and Positivity, Connect Deeply With Your Soul Sisters.

— Absorb Spiritual and Practical Tools to Elevate Your Life and Share Your Light Everywhere You Go.

— Fully Embody Your Priestess Self to Assist Others in Finding Their Way Back to Source.

— Come Out of the “Spiritual Closet” and Open Up to Source Your Life with The Divine Every Day.

— Co-Create Ripples of Practical Change and Awakening as we Unleash our Collective Transmission of Peaceful Revolution, Balance, Love and Truth that are So Deeply Needed Right Now.


PURCHASE YOUR WEEKEND PASS: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevival2019Tix


Bring YOUR wisdom and voice too. Together we will address important issues facing women trailblazers right now. We would be honored if you’d claim your powerful seat and join us for this retreat.