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Houston Area Ferret Association Christmas Party
The Annual Ferret Christmas Party. This a Party for the Ferrets. All Ferrets are Welcome. It is on street parking. We will have to enter through a gate. The outside gate will be open. Map: Google: MapQuest: We will be coming from all directions. We suggest you use your GPS or print directions from the maps. Everything listed is completely voluntary. If you want to come and bring your ferrets to just let them play, that is perfectly acceptable. We are having a pot luck and ferret get together. Please list what you will bring for the potluck in the comments under the announcement. In the "Potluck List for the 11/28/18 Ferret Christmas Party." We will have the annual gift exchange. This is only for those who wish to participate. Usually we spend about $15 on a gift. If you currently are without a ferret, Come get a Ferret Fix. Please Bring Chairs for your family. We will be short of chairs. Is your Ferret a common color, and normal size? If you mixed your ferret in with a lot of other ferrets could you pick your ferret out and be sure you have your ferret? This could happen at the Christmas Party. May we suggest you mark your ferret some way. Paint a toenail with nail polish. Mark an inner thigh with food coloring. Clip a little bit of stomach fur shorter. This way come time to go home, you will be able to pick up your ferret and be sure you are getting your ferret. I paint a toenail green. All of the Christmas Parties have Been a Blast!

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The Houston Ferret Meetup group is the social side of the Houston Area Ferret Association or HAFA for short. We meet on the first thursday night of the month for a dinner out to relax and talk ferret with other ferret owners.

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