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In the recent years, privacy has gone from a niche idea to a mainstream concern. From protecting against surveillance to data theft, to enabling new healthcare or financial applications, the need to securely process data has never been so important.

Fortunately, many techniques are becoming practical, from Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to Secure Multiparty Computation (SMPC) to Federated Learning and Differential Privacy. All solve the same underlying problem to computing without being able to see the actual data, thus protecting privacy by design.

In this meetup, we will go deep into these techniques, from the theory (math heavy!) to the implementations (engineering heavy!) to the usecases (not as heavy!).

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Homomorphic Large Precision Integers Using Concrete

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# Abstract

To build real life applications with outsourced and secure computations, fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) turns out to be a powerful tool.

Accordingly, FHE schemes must offer efficient implementation to ensure input precision. That way, the design of new data structures and information encoding strategies can be particularly suited for a given context.

In this talk, we will detail a few constructions of large integers based on the TFHE cryptosystem. We will also explore their theoretical aspects
along with their implementations in the Concrete library.

# About the speaker

Jean-Baptiste Orfila works at the intersection of homomorphic encryption, optimization and computer science applied to fast and secure
outsourced computations. Recently, his research involves improving the
homomorphic encryption scheme TFHE both in terms of precision and efficiency. He is currently researcher at Zama and formerly worked on secure multi-party computations, public key infrastructures and protocol security.

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