What we're about

FICTIONEERS is a tabletop gaming group started by game designer Tod Foley (author of DayTrippers, SpaceMaster Companion, CyberSpace, Kingdom of the Desert Jewel, Watch the World Die and other games).

Our members are seriously, perhaps dangerously, interested in playing and discussing all types of Roleplaying Games, Storygames and Interactive Fiction Games. Some of us are experts, some far from it, but what we share is a devotion to playing tabletop games as they were intended - with full depth and immersion - without turning them into random silliness or parodies of themselves. We take our games very seriously.

Our mission is to explore the reaches of roleplaying game design, and to communicate our findings, our results and our creations to other gamers through online venues. We run both published games and playtests of unpublished systems. Some of our games may be recorded or videotaped for study and transcription. Some of our games may be edited for online publication.

We’re looking for players who come to the table to play, people who want to get deeply immersed in fictional worlds. You don't have to be an actor, you don't have to do voices, but you do have to think on your feet sometimes, and you must portray your character's actions with consistency, emotional insight and logical reasoning. Most of all, you must love gaming. If you're attentive and respectful of other people's experiences, the rest will follow.

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