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What we’re about

D.C. Film Community - Unite. Ideas will flow and contacts will be made. Find out what projects local production companies are working on and what independent film is looking for people..Come join the our growing network of professionals and non pro's.
We are aligned with the DC Casting Actors meetup.
We hold monthly meetings, and other events.  The monthly events are set up to follow on the Screenwriters meetup, and before the actors meetup. Typically:

  • 1:30 - Washington Screenwriters
  • 2:30 - Filmmakers, Digital Video,
  • 3:00 - DC Casting Actors/Acting

We offer networking and a chance to learn what others are doing with their projects and passions.
This group allows a variety of technical and non-technical people to get together and learn from each other, discussing ideas and networking. No experience required.

More about the group:

The members of the group come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from traditional film making to online video podcasting, or animation, or wardrobe, makeup, ... lots of areas.  In 2014 we also added online course creation / eLearning authoring to our mix, as many of the skills apply.

Future events are often grown from seeds of ideas discussed at events - someone asks a question, and it becomes apparent that many people would attend an event to figure out an answer to the question.

Note: Activities of this group include technical and non-technical discussion, and networking and some marketing, yet it is not a group for for network marketing (MLM). Marketing can be fine - marketing a business you own or are starting as the owner can occur during normal flow of event discussions and conversations, via comments about the capabilities offered by the business that are related to this group.

But activities around presenting a business or product so that you can sign up people under you where you earn a direct cut of their affiliate sign-up fee - not cool for this group (events, email, or online message posts). While some network marketing/pyramid-structured business opportunities have products that may relate to this space (web/video/tech), be respectful of what this group is all about: learning and sharing from each other in an open and un-pressured manner. There are groups for making network marketing pitches - this group is for technical and non-technical exchanges of information, tips, and contacts.

We also have a links section for members works.  Links to commercial or inappropriate pages & sites will be removed.
Join us if you are interested in or already doing film, video, and related media creation, production, distribution, and editing.

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