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What we’re about

The group’s purpose is to help writers get to a final draft of a writing project. The writing project can be any type of writing: book (fiction or non), script, or poetry series, etc.

Unlike a typical creative writing workshop, nobody will read their work during the meetings. This eats up too much time and I’ve found it not very productive. Nobody in this group should tell you whether your writing is good or how to write. Final Draft is for writers who feel comfortable enough with their craft that they can learn from their own writing and don’t need that kind of validation from us. We, as a group, are your peers and offer a supportive space to talk about your processes, current challenges and successes and ultimately, help you to help yourself. This group would be beneficial for ANY type of creative process but is focused on the literary kind.

This group will host 3 types of meetings all aimed towards our final draft, although, lately we have been mainly focused on the Three Rounds of Writing. These meetings are held virtually and open to the global village.

Types of Meetings:

1. Roundtable: In this meeting type, writers can discuss a current writing project, which can include any current difficulties, any exciting progress, and even pitching practice. (1-2 hrs in length)

2. Three Rounds of Writing: In this meeting type, the group will engage in at least 3 rounds of writing together, using the pomodoro technique to maximize productivity: Each round consists of 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. (2 hrs in length)

3. Public Readings: When one of us manages to get to a complete draft, we will offer that writer a chance to have a virtual public reading for that work. This draft doesn’t need to be a final draft. All members should agree to support these events in the best way that they can.

* When we are allowed to have live events at real venues, this will become much more celebratory. I’m thinking there has to be dancing involved! But that’s just an idea for when I get to a final draft.

** Please RSVP one day in advance of a meeting to ensure I see it in enough time to send you the online meeting link.

What’s the mission for this group? The least hope is that as fellow writers, we help each other finish writing projects. The greatest hope is that we create a supportive, literary community that wants to bravely explore its creative possibilities in response to the swiftly changing world around us.

* The number 1 reason why most books don’t get published is that they are never finished.

Social Media:
I'm currently playing with different tools this group can use to further collaboration. I just created a Facebook Page for the group.

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