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What we’re about

This is Finance Meets Real Estate, Los Angeles chapter.

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Who we are:

Asset Managers, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists, Financial Advisors seeking opportunities outside their current investment domain

Real Estate
Investors, Developers, Syndicators, Flippers seeking funding or active partnerships

What we do:
Networking Social
Deals Workshop
Guest Series charity event

What we offer:
Current Deals Booklet
Investor Profiles Booklet

Finance Meets Real Estate is a meetup linking finance professionals with real estate investors to partner on active and passive real estate investment opportunities.

Our goal is to:

- Organize networking socials to establish friendships, partnerships and provide quality investment opportunities to our members.

- Organize deals workshops to discuss prospective opportunities with viable partners and grow our joint investor capacity to source deals.

- Organize educational guest series to build knowledge among our members and fund social causes for underprivileged children through our charity partners.

- Maintain a proprietary booklet of current high quality off-market or MLS deals accepting funding, as well as investor profiles of deal sponsors or limited partners to potentially partner with.

Disclaimer: By joining this group, you agree to be contacted with investment prospects, research or educational information on the topic of real estate.

Organizer Info:

I am a financial engineer/real estate investor. Please add me on LinkedIn or BiggerPockets to learn more about what I do: