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Welcome financially independent to be!

We delighted that now we open financial literacy fundamental seminars meetup group.

In this uncertain economic time, most people are afraid of how future will unfold. However, fact of the matter is that there are unlimited opportunities even in this economic time. In order to be able to see the opportunity and capture the portion of the wealth transfer, financial education is essential. Our goal is to educate its members on the topic of wealth building including but not limited to investing, building business and cultivating the successful mind so that we all can be standing in winning side of wealth transfer. We are planning to host various different activities including cash flow game, session of financial foundation, investment and business building session and many more.

Come join us for next financial literacy seminar series!

Past events (21)

Special Session: Free College Financial Planning

Needs a location

Cash Flow 101 (San Diego!)

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Cash Flow 101 (Our very first meetup in San Diego!)

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Cash Flow 101 (And 202 if enough number of people)

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