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You are join a series of ONLINE conversations for possibilities related to Financial Education and other topics, first session is networking on 3rd Sundays noon each month. (see next ONLINE listing)


The intention of this Meetup group in 2017 is to identify innovative potential co-founders, principals, recruiters and others interested in financial training and other topics related to exciting new social entrepreneurial ventures which involve both online and on land activities to extend joy, friendship and prosperity. Let's get together face-to-face to discuss your interest, availability, some of the details of this rare social entrepreneurial opportunity in Wash. DC and agree on dates of followup meetings. Several co-organizers of Meetup groups collaborate for 3rd Sunday community "Meet and Greet" event, come and meet our 2017 volunteer team. 

We are located less than two blocks from Foggy Bottom/GWU Metro. Ask to meet the coordinator for financial training and recruitment. This opportunity is beneficial for early retiree/social entrepreneurs or successful small business investors. We look forward to meeting you on 3rd Sundays! Feel free to invite people you know to meet at this event on 3rd Sundays at noon at One Fish Cafe (more details below).  You will learn about followup training sessions at teh event! Look forward to see you in person! Thank you!  

Additional Info:

Please join us in Washington, D.C. (near George Washington University) for networking conversations over lunch each month on the 3rd Sundays, from 12:30PM to 2:30PM. We welcome you to stay longer if you wish.  A round of self-introductions to the group is followed by one-on-one conversations. This ConversationsNET(tm) space is intended for individuals interested in exploring exciting possibilities through conversations. In 2017, we will be exploring your interest in co-creating new initiatives including "Community Builders Association" and a major giving initiative called "Community Investors Association." These proposed initiatives could be both be "on-land" and "online." The physical space has been reserved for these projects. The intention is to  co-create more opportunities for individuals to know that they matter and we invite individuals to join us in co-creating a better future for all through innovative initiatives where individuals will have a voice and a choice. Let's proceed to advance through conversations for personal, economic, spiritual and community development. Mark your calendar to come in person to Wash. DC on 3rd Sundays (noon) to meet in person and to learn about the resources available for these exciting initiatives. Meanwhile, please join us online in the discussion section here at  We hope to see you at the next monthly community event at One Fish Asian Cafe, details are below ($5 admission donation online, $10 at door, self-pay for what food/drink you order.) 

There are excellent opportunities for people with time interested in serving as founding members for several new community and entrepreneurial initiatives. We have already reserved the domains and shared physical meeting spaces for these initiatives.  Allies Teams, ConversationsNET and Award Networks pioneers are interested in meeting people with time to invest in developing important opportunities for the well-being of all. For those entrepreneurs with web development and mobile app skills, please contact us as soon as you can . We are based near George Washington University, less than a block from Foggy Bottom/GWU Metro Station. DC Circulator stops at 24 and PA. Ave. NW, DC 20037. Please share us your interests, vision and passion. Let us hear from you: how we can help each other achieve our philanthropic and personal objectives as well as co-create beneficial initiatives to achieve our common aspirations for a better future for all? How can we serve you and the community?


Come and meet successful social entrepreneurs, investors, recruiters and other financial training professionals at this combined ongoing outreach event. Several Meetup co-organizers initially meet at this event and then if you are interested, ask about followup dates.  We bring people of diverse backgrounds together as a first step to get acquainted to explore possibilities for working together harmoniously with appreciation, forgiveness and understanding. These monthly community events provide opportunities to develop new community contacts and to connect with others interested in similar topics. ConversationsNET participants share new perspective on topics that matter for better health, wellness, relationships, prosperity and for a better future. 

WHEN: 12:30PM TO 2:30PM on the third Sundays of each month for community networking. 2:30PM to 4:00PM (optional) one-on-one followup conversations at One Fish Cafe.

Save the third Sundays of each month for connecting with new contacts, community builders who are actively engaged in building A Beautiful Community and exciting beneficial projects in the Wash. DC area.

WHERE: One Fish Two Fish Asian Restaurant, 2423 Pennsylvania Ave, NW; Washington, DC 20037 (between 24 and 25th streets on Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC, less than 2 blocks from Foggy Bottom/GWU Metro, blue, orange, silver lines; DC Circulator stops at 24 and K Streets NW, DC; 30 buses stop almost in front of the restaurant)

COST:  Admission $5 donation online for ABC nonprofit, $10 at door; self-pay for food/drink you order.

WHAT: Become a founding member of new initiatives and help to co-create worthwhile opportunities!  This is an exciting and beneficial learning and creative initiative for the right entrepreneurs or professionals who have more than 10 hours a week to invest in themselves and their community!  Help to shift the mental focus to what we want and what we appreciate in the world and in our lives. Come and build with a mutual support group for yourself and others.

We look forward to conversations for possibilities with you in person on 3rd Sundays! May you be blessed....thank you! 

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