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What we’re about

“Is that really me? Must I endure stress, unhappiness, problems and self-doubt every day?” The answer is no. Modern technical developments in the mental sciences have altered the entire course of human thinking. You can have a better, saner life and be happy and successful. Uncomfortable, unwanted emotions and irrational behavior do not need to be daily routine.

You can tackle those things holding you back in life. Whether you are a mother at home, an entrepreneur, a hard-working employee or dreadfully unemployed, success in life is attainable. Increase ability, intelligence and confidence. Learn to know your real self. Learn to survive the challenges and setbacks in business and personal life – regain your vitality, confidence and drive.

At our free, online meetup classes we will cover:

How can you come to know your real self?
Is it possible to be happy?
Why does my business strategy fail?
Why do they say ability and intelligence are not able to be improved?
What does it mean to achieve your full potential?
Why is the source unknown?
Can you really increase confidence?
What are these mental science technical developments?

Whatever area you need to improve: whether it’s personal, professional, social, in your love life, dealing with family, with your children, at work with co-workers or bosses… if you could maintain a more positive outlook on life, increase your self-confidence and maintain a more peaceful frame of mind-- how might that help YOU?

At our classes you won't be judged, categorized or labeled. We do not use or recommend any harmful mental techniques or drugs.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center of Anchorage.

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