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Well-Seasoned Women

Sacramento, CA

Well-Seasoned Women

We are a group of dynamic retired or semi-retired women over 50. We live in the greater Sacramento area and are ready to star in the next stage of life.  Our meetups take place from Lodi to Rocklin, from Davis to Placerville, and every place in between. We are looking for women with positive attitudes willing to contribute to their own growth and success as well as that of the community.  We are interested in maintaining strong minds and bodies. We believe in moving forward and giving back.  Most of our activities take place weekdays, and some will include spouses and SO's.  Please note that we strive to maintain a “drama-free” environment.

We are always looking for help, so email the leadership team if you are interested in hosting events.  Due to size and liability issues we do not permit members to bring guests to events held in private homes or to events limited in number.


·  Annual Membership Dues Required: $5. Dues payment required within 30 days of joining. Meetup charges for the right to post our events. We use these funds to pay fees, provide paper products at our potluck events, and host an annual anniversary party. No refunds are offered.

   Many of our events require payment in advance. It is not required but is strongly encouraged and preferred that payment be made using electronic means, such as PayPal, PopMoney, etc.

·  All members must post a profile picture (head shot) of themselves and have a valid email address within 30 days of joining. A picture of you must be posted in order to attend your first event with this group. We are often opening our homes to our members. This is a safety issue for those who do so and for those who attend. Please let us know if there is an issue of personal security that prevents you from doing this. We are happy to accommodate.

·  Members often would like to share rides to events. It is up to the person(s) looking for a ride to obtain one. We are unable to offer carpools to our members due to liability issues. When securing a ride with another member, it is the rider’s responsibility to require adequate car insurance, safety of vehicle, and competence of driver. Any monetary contributions are to be arranged between the driver and the rider. WSW and its members assume no responsibility in the event of accident or injury.

Attendance:  Any individual with (3) “no shows” (includes canceling the morning of the event) or a history of “late bail outs” (canceling the day/night before the event) will have future RSVP’s removed and be placed on a waitlist to allow members in good standing to attend. Those who get moved from the waitlist the morning of an event and do not attend will also be charged a “no show.” Those with 5 late bail outs will be removed from the group. We have a firm 10-minute wait rule for events. Those who RSVP and are late may be left behind. It is your responsibility to take care and manage your own RSVPs – including your place on a waitlist. This means changing your RSVP to “no” when you are unable to attend an event so that those on the waitlist above you are able to move up.

·  The organizers reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who violates these rules, does not fit the parameters of our group, has not paid dues, has a negative impact on the group, or endangers the safety and security of our members. This is a group for retired women and not a dating site.

·  This group does not support promotion of any kind, including marketing, products, or people. Any postings or actions of this type will be removed along with the person who posted it.

·  We love our pets – at home! Due to allergies and liability issues, please do not bring pets to events. Please know that many of our members who host events in their homes do have pets. It is your responsibility to inquire if you have issues with pets.

·  Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Group page!

·  If you owe dues and haven't visited our group in over 6 months, you will be automatically removed from the group.

By joining Well-Seasoned Women, you automatically agree to the terms of this release. This agreement releases Well-Seasoned Women (WSW) from all liability relating to injuries that may occur {during activity, on location, at members’ homes, etc. By joining, I agree to hold WSW and all associated parties entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

I also acknowledge the risks involved in scheduled meetups. These include but are not limited to hiking, wine tasting, volunteering, cooking, swimming, working out. I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity.

By joining this group, I forfeit all right to bring a suit against Well-Seasoned Women for any reason. I will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification, if needed.

If you owe dues and haven't visited the group on the web for over 6 months, you will be automatically dropped from the group. However, you may reapply to join.

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Runnin for Rhett | Blue Crew Training

Sacramento, CA

Runnin for Rhett | Blue Crew Training

Whether you are just getting off the couch or a seasoned competitor, our training Blue Crews will help you prepare for a successful event. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Our vision is to give every child the chance to live a healthy life. Our goal is to have those who can, TRAIN FOR KIDS and encourage them to RUN BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Our unique model raises funds to host our after school <a>Youth Fitness Program</a> through membership fees from our R4R Blue Crew adult training program, supplemented with events we host and generous corporate and individual sponsors.

So when you train with R4R’s Blue Crew, you are training not only for yourself but for the youth of our community. Every two months you are a member of the Blue Crew you enable another student to participate in the R4R <a>Youth Fitness Program</a>. 1 year of your training = enables 6 youth to move into life.

Our R4R Blue Crew is designed to offer a wide array of training options to our members. Beginner to veteran, slow to fast, young to old – we’ve a program for you, in your community, at convenient times/days in almost every possible topic: walking to 5K racing, trail running to cycling, social to competitive. Check out all our training Crews here and come join us. Your membership affords you unlimited access to all and as many Crews as you like plus a baby blue R4R Blue Crew technical t-shirt.

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Sacramento Area Golfers

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Area Golfers

Welcome to the Sacramento Area Golfers (SAG). We are a co-ed group of intermediate to advanced golfers who participate in golfing events around the Sacramento area, other cities and countries!  We travelled together to So. Africa (2016),  Scotland (2017), SE Asia (2019), and planning Australia/New Zealand 2021!!  We usually play 18 holes but on occasion will play a 9 hole course after work, or join group practice sessions to build on our golfing skills.  We try to follow USGA guidelines to the best of our abilities.  The bottom line is, we just want to golf, enjoy each other's company, and have fun!  We DO try to observe the basics of golfing etiquette.  

Minimum requirements to play with SAG:
- At least one year experience playing 18 hole courses.  This group is not for beginning golfers.
- Average score less than 110-115.  (If you're average score is closer to 120-130 you will need to increase your    skill level before playing with us)
-Know the basic rules of golf and golf etiquette
-You must have a recognizable photo of yourself on your member profile
-Please make sure that you have your first and last name on your member profile

Please know the basic rules of golf and golf etiquette before you play with our group.  

Being focused on your "Pace of Play", playing "Ready Golf", and adhering to golf etiquette are very important concepts in our group. Less experienced golfers can play well with more experienced golfers when these rules are followed.

Please be aware of our RSVP cancellation policy:  
"Members who cancel within 48 hours of an event must donate $20 to SAG's Membership Fund at Members are removed from SAG at Organizer's discretion after 3 no-shows. Please be courteous and remove your RSVP if you can’t attend an event".

Whether you participate in our golf outings or our non-golf social events, you are responsible for any damages or injuries you cause to property or other persons.  You are participating at SAG events at your own risk, and neither the Organizer nor the Event Organizers will be liable for damages or injuries caused by any of our members (or their guests) during our meetups or travel to and from our meetups.  SAG is also not liable for any injuries inflicted upon it members or damages done to members' properties or loss of properties (including golf equipment, transportation, etc.) during events and travel to and from our meetups.  SAG members are responsible for reimbursing SAG for any incurred costs associated with your event cancellation.

Join us on our Facebook Group Page:

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Greater Sacramento Young Friends

Sacramento, CA

Greater Sacramento Young Friends

Most of us are 20-30 somethings in college, are newer grads, and/or working. All of us are pretty darn interesting.





New digs: Formerly Sacramento Social Young People and Sacramento Social (20's & 30's), we've changed the name to be more representative and inclusive.


Play on: Let's play games, play sports, hike, volunteer, watch movies, enjoy food/drink, dance, and other activities in Sacramento, Davis, Folsom, and beyond.


Be excellent to each other: We treat each other with mutual respect and ask those that don't to leave. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and want to make sure you feel comfortable being the best version of yourself. We encourage conflict resolution.


Are you a parent? That's great! Our park days are kid friendly and I would encourage you to see if any other parents are bringing their kids so that they can play together. Post in the event comments.


Want to do something that we aren't already doing? We're always looking for help! Please message one of the organizers so we can give you an event to test organize. You're awesome.


Important: We have a Code of Conduct ( By joining and participating in this Meetup, you have read, acknowledged, and agreed to this Code of Conduct. Please read it at least once. Thanks!


"Sacramento is more than just a happy hour; it's an adventure."

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GOLDEN SOLES - an Over-50 Hiking & Walking Group

Citrus Heights, CA

GOLDEN  SOLES - an Over-50 Hiking & Walking Group

Golden Soles is an OVER-50, NO DOGS, WEEKDAYS ONLY hiking and brisk walking group. Our hikes are in SMALL GROUPS in order to support the community spirit of Meetup and increase our awareness of one another (safety). As a member, you’re expected to: 1) Follow all safety requests from your Hike/Walk Leader, 2) Be aware of your fellow hikers/walkers, and 3) “Leave No Trace”.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Golden Soles welcomes enthusiastic over-50 hikers looking to indulge in the sport of Social Group Hiking or Walking. We are NOT a speed-hiking group and we stay together throughout the hike, though we DO keep a fair pace going and our cardio pumping! We work up a sweat but we also take the time to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings! Please familiarize yourself with our THREE TYPES OF HIKES AND WALKS listed below.

Golden Soles honors the concept of Meetup to meet face-to-face in “real time” and share actual conversation with others interested in the sport of social group hiking and walking. In addition to the fitness component of hiking/walking, we also take the time for photo breaks, chit-chat, moments of awesomeness, snacks, and general breath-catching-up!

- - - - - - - - - - -


1) BRISK WALKS – terrain is on smooth paved multi-use trails such as asphalt, concrete or gravel with most trails offering a soft shoulder on both sides. Average speed is a BRISK 20 min mile (3 mph) depending on terrain and your Hike Leader. Walks are usually from 4-6 miles. Elevation gains are easy to moderate but generally flat (see elevation gain in walk description as there might be some hills!). There is a short snack break at the half-way point. Drive times 10-30 min locally.

2) TRAIL HIKES – terrain could vary from paved multi-use trails, earthen trails, granite surfaces, uneven surfaces, rocky creek crossings, dirt roads, etc. Read the Details your Hike Leader has written in the hike description. Most of our hikes also provide map links which contain detailed data about the hike, which gives you super-great info to decide if the hike is "right" for you. Hikes can vary in: A) Trail Rating from Easy to Moderate, B) Length from 4 to 10 miles, C) Elevation Gains up to 1,800-ish feet, and D) Average Pace from 20 to 30 mins per mile. Breaks are dependent on the variables of each hike. Drive times can vary from 10-40 mins locally to 120-150 mins to our beautiful outlying areas. Estimated drive times or Google pin locator links are usually provided in the hike description too. 

3) PHOTOGRAPHY HIKES – terrain could vary from paved trails, earthen trails, and/or dirt roads. Range can vary from 4-8 miles. There will be plenty of stops for photo opportunities and sharing of knowledge. Varying drive times of 30-120 mins to trailheads.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Golden Soles is solely a social, non-professional, volunteer group. Only you can assess your abilities to attend a hike and are solely responsible for your safety and well-being. Please familiarize yourself with Meetup's Terms of Service.

- - - - - - - - - - -

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Sassy Senior Women Socializing

Roseville, CA

Sassy Senior Women Socializing

I started this group to meet other fun loving women, (ages 50+) with a zest for life. It's an opportunity to meet new people, share meals, drinks, games, day trips, and to have lots of fun! 

 Please respect your RSVP--if your plans change, adjust your RSVP. This will help us know whether we should expect you. Please add your PROFILE name include your first name AND last name (or, at least, the first initial of your last name)? Also, post an IDENTIFIABLE photo (head-shot) of yourself? It's for safety purposes - should there be an emergency we need to be able to identify our members .

Our Membership dues are $5 yearly. Please pay me when you join though Venmo #9166073479 Or PayPal #9166073479 ****When paying through PayPal, click "sending to a friend" NOT "paying for an item or service" to prevent PayPal's fee. Payments received not as instructed will be returned.

 ***Asking for no drama!*** 

****Show kindness and respect towards one another. Harassing, bullying, and degrading members is not allowed. Such behavior are grounds for removal from the group.. 

*****Waiver and Release of Liability****

By joining Sassy Senior Women Socializing, you automatically agree to the terms of this release. This agreement releases from all liability relating to Sassy Senior Women Socializing injuries that may occur {during activity, on location, at members’ homes, etc. By joining, I agree to hold Sassy Senior Women Socializing and all associated parties entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

I also acknowledge the risks involved in scheduled meetups. These include but are not limited to hiking, wine tasting, volunteering, cooking, swimming, working out. I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity.

By joining this group, I forfeit all right to bring a suit against Sassy Senior Women Socializing for any reason. I will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification, if needed.

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Harley Owners Group Folsom CA

Folsom, CA

Harley Owners Group Folsom CA

This Meetup Group is for riders who have MEETUP accounts, and have submitted a request to join, and the request has been approved. We hope you become a dues-paying member of Folsom Harley Owners Group, Chapter 1787, affiliated with Harley-Davidson of Folsom. (See
We love to ride, and enjoy socializing together. Our monthly social meeting is at the Round Table Pizza, 9500-1 Greenback Ln, Folsom, CA 95630, held the 3rd Tuesday of every month except December. Come early to have dinner and socialize. Guests are welcome to attend our monthly meeting. Having a current National H.O.G membership ( is a prerequisite to maintaining a membership with Folsom H.O.G.

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MRG ~ Motorcycle Riding Group of Sacramento

Carmichael, CA

MRG ~ Motorcycle Riding Group of Sacramento

Welcome to MRG "relaxed pace" motorcycle riders of Sacramento, California! Our names are Luis Mena and Robert Doyle. We are motorcycle riders located in the Sacramento area who enjoy doing the following:
• One Day Group Rides and Multi-day Rides on paved roads only, anywhere between 125-325 mile per ride round trip (Day Rides) and 125-275 miles on multi-day rides (per leg)

• Relaxed pace (moderately fast, but not "race track" fast).

• Scenic rural roads (minimal freeway riding as possible).

• Occasional multi-day trips from two days to three days.

• Fair weather riding (10% or less chance of rain, winds <15 mph, high of 55-95 degrees).

• Nearly all rides occur during spring, fall and non-wet winter days.

• We prefer to ride during daylight hours.

• Max group size of 5-25 people depending the the ride route.

• Always ride safely and responsibly.

If you share those same preferences, we invite you to join our Meetup group and RSVP for the rides that appeal to you.

To attend any of our rides, you must be a member of our Meetup group, and you must be on the RSVP list for the ride you wish to attend. We only do what is listed in the above bullet list. It is all about having fun, touring the countryside on a motorcycle as we enjoy the scenery along the way, the lunch stops, scenic vista stops, mountain passes, lakeside cruising, etc.

"RELAXED PACE": There are two reasons why the name of our meetup "relaxed pace." One reason is, we don't treat the public street system as if it's a race track. So, if you are one of those "need for speed" types, then you probably won't find happiness in our meetup group. We also don't ride excessively slow either. We'd say we ride at an excellent medium speed. The other reason for the name "relaxed pace" is, it's all about having a relaxed state of mind throughout the day enjoying a "no worries, no need to rush" positive attitude. It's a mental escape from a hectic life, which is all-too-often clock-driven. So, when you are on our rides, it's time to relax and enjoy!

RIDE GROUP SIZE: We set the max ride limit at 5-25 people per ride depending on the route. A larger group gets too challenging to keep a group together and starts to be too much of an impact on the dining establishments.

GENERAL INFO: There is a $20.00 annual membership fee(non-refundable after membership activation). There are no monthly dinner meetings, no bylaws, no elected officers, and no participation in special events, causes, rallies, fundraisers, poker runs, toy runs, chili cook-offs, pancake breakfasts, charities, benefits, or other such events. We are not a riding club. We are a group of folks who enjoy riding our motorcycles, and we invite up to 25 riders to go with us if they want to. That's all there is to it. The only reason we have a website is to provide a way to show other riders where we are planning to ride and to help them decide if they are interested in going. And if they are interested in going, our meetup website provides a way for them to RSVP so we know how many people to expect.

WHO IS WELCOME: Riders of all adult ages and genders are welcome.  All motorcycle brands and styles are welcome. Three-wheelers are welcome too. Your motorcycle must have at least a 250cc engine (although we recommend a 500cc engine).

WEATHER REQUIREMENTS: Since we only enjoy fair weather riding (10% or less chance of rain, winds under 15 mph, forecasted low and high temp of 55-95 degrees), we always do weather checks during the week leading up to a ride. We post the results of that and specify whether the ride is still a "go" or not. We also email that info to those who RSVP'd for the ride. We do not hesitate to cancel or reschedule a ride if the weather forecast doesn't meet our requirements. You can expect to see up to multi-day trips getting canceled each year due to weather since the multi-day trips are posted in advance (so be sure to *ALWAYS* select lodging with a convenient cancellation policy). The one-day rides don't get canceled nearly as often because those aren't posted way in advance like the multi-day trips are. Because of our weather requirements for riding, almost all of our rides occur in spring, summer, fall, and non-wet winter days.

NAVIGATION AND FUEL: Road Captain's bike will be equipped with a GPS, and we always have the route programmed in the GPS for navigation. We also ensure we have fuel stops planned no more than about 80-95 miles apart (usually top tiers such as Chevron, Shell, or Union 76). We always post the total mileage for each ride, along with the planned lunch stop. We do not typically list other planned stops even though they are part of the ride. We usually stop every hour or so as needed, just to get off the bike and stretch for a bit.

RIDE AVAILABILITY: We work on weekdays, so most of the one-day rides that we host happen on weekends. We also host various multi-day trips each year when we have time to do so.

JOINING THIS MEETUP: You are welcome to sign up to become a member of this Meetup any time you wish. After we review your profile and approve you as a member, you can then go on rides of your choice if spots are available. (Btw, the only reason we review your profile before approving you as a member is to weed out spam. Believe it or not, we have had people join for the sole purpose of soliciting business, which we prohibit on our meetup site.) There is a $20 annual membership fee for you to become a member of our meetup group, but only after a 30-day free trial period and is NOT refundable after the trial period is up. This membership fee covers the Meetup group admin costs and helps pay for some of our meetup group event costs. There are NO individual ride costs to you. Your only costs are food and gas for the ride, plus any bridge tolls and National or State park entrance fees if applicable and lodging for the multi-day trips. To keep your membership active, you need to log in periodically.

NEW MEMBERS: We extend to all new members a one-time RSVP to go on any ride that's already full. This will allow new members to get a feel for the group without having to wait for a ride that still has spots available. After you become a new member, just send us a private message letting us know which "full" ride you want to go on, and we will manually add you to the RSVP list for that ride.

RESTRICTIONS: We do not allow any form of advertising on our Meetup site, nor do we allow people to join in soliciting business of any kind. Our Meetup site is strictly for those who want to go riding. We also do not allow any form of religious or political content on our website, nor do we allow any content that would be considered offensive, crude, vulgar, foul language, fault-finding, or disrespectful to others.

FINE PRINT: By choosing to join our MRG Meetup group, you accept and agree with all of the above. By choosing to ride in our MRG Meetup group, you assume full responsibility and liability for your choices and actions while participating in any of our MRG Meetup events. You accept and agree to hold MRG Organizers harmless for any and all accidents and incidents resulting from your choice to participate in any of our Meetup events.

"Ride your ride"! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Once again, welcome to the group!

Luis Mena, Robert Doyle

MRG Organizers

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Sacramento Girlfriends

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Girlfriends

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Sacramento Girlfriends group! <br>

If you want to have some good times in the Sacramento/Greater Sac Area, and an occasional out-of-towner, and if your NEW to the area, going through some new life changes, or need to get away from family life, this is a perfect way to meet new gal pals! This group you will find many kind and intelligent women of diverse backgrounds who are down for fun on the regular. So venture out to have an incredible time by reviewing our upcoming events and sign up! </br>

Just some group reminders, notes, and expectations:</br>

• Our Meetup Group is for ladies who are looking for social interaction with more gal pals. This group is targeted to females between ages 25-45 years old, but welcomes all. </br>

• If you are unable to attend... please update your RSVP ASAP (minimum 24 hrs before). Many events have waitlist, so give those an opportunity attend if you cannot make it. Please turn on notifications for event reminders! </br>

• Resturant gatherings... calculate your total cost, plus tax and 20% tip. Will have separate checks whenever possible. If not, be prepared to pay event host cash, venmo, or paypal. </br>


Do you have any hobbies or interest (books, hiking, travel, cooking, fishing, gardening, volunteering, cycling, concerts, ect.) and would like some company? Please send the Organizer a message if you're interested. We can make you a event host, so you can post your own events. Or if you have any ideas, feel free to share.

Anyways... Can't wait to meet/see you again at our next get-together! Have a wonderful day and see you soon.

Rachel Villegas <br>Sac Friends Organizer

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