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What we’re about

Volatility Club - a Silicon Valley Alternative Investment Club
"1 + 1 = 3" <-- the result of Synergy, that extra value derived from participating in this meetup!
In early 2017, Volatility Club™ had its first meetup at a local Starbucks with just 2 attendees.
Fast forward to today (1.15.2018; 50+ meetups and 100+ hours together), we are now a growing group of sophisticated investors that meetup every Sunday to discuss the ongoing action in both the public and private markets. The club normally discusses investment techniques that are used by institutions rather than retail/average-Joe investors. Topics in the past have included everything from trading stocks, investing, financial markets, theories, financial instruments, speculation, investment strategies, venture capital, local businesses, real estate, economics, macro economics (secular trends), opportunistic strategies, thinking frameworks, derivatives of derivatives, mergers and acquisitions, advanced financing, quantamental analysis, multi-angle analysis, business models, SaaS investing, Silicon Valley developments, transaction dynamics, digital disruption, enterprise sales, deal sourcing, deal making, and more (Yes, we geek out real hard).
Moving forward, Volatility Club™ will continue to meet both physically and digitally to support the development and interest of people who genuinely want to become professionals in the world of finance, economics, and business.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kae.


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