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What we’re about

Welcome everyone,

Welcome to First Priority Fitness Meetup. This Meetup is to help build a community of fitness and health while still enjoying to live a little. Building a community that enjoys working out, supporting each other and new members with their fitness goals and learning to make healthier decisions is our biggest goal here.

Our Meetup will be composed of trying a variety of fitness workouts. From boot camps, yoga, hikes, jiu jitsu, and more that we might be interested in. Making fitness fun is will make workouts more enjoyable and less tedios. Fun Fitness can be found all around us from mud runs, paintballing, dancing, or playing sports with friends.

Life happens, from birthdays to weddings or any other social event I know how easy it is to fall of track your fitness goals. Realistically you should be able to enjoy both. Like i say you should "pay before you play", meaning try to get some type of activity in that day before whatever may come.

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