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What we’re about

See our events for the next TEXTILE Meet and Greet Event . This is a public meet and greet for those interested in social nudism. Prospective members, interested parties, come and meet us, with Clothes on!

This is a long read..but it's important. Get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or beer and sit down and read this carefully. It will answer most of your questions.
WHAT WE ARE : We are a nudist group. We are adults, We have fun. We joke, We flirt, We laugh. We are like any other group of adults when they get together except we prefer to be nude when we do anything! In this club, we try to incorporate nudity into everything that "textile" folks do like going to the beach, gardening, bowling, swimming, dancing, Bunko party, wine and cheese parties, camping, and yes, nude Karaoke. We are adults from every walk of life, every income level, every race and creed and every religion or those without religious ties. We have members from every sexual preference and every sub culture lifestyle.
What we stress to our members new and old, the only thing you should ever assume about fellow members in this group is: they are nudists, proceed with care. Conversations about politics, religions, and other subjects which can cause offense or cause someone to be uncomfortable are discouraged. We are all adults. Use common sense.
WHAT WE are NOT: Our essential and primary function is to provide nudist opportunities for our members, doing the same things Textile folks do, except, we get to do it, without clothing, whenever possible. We are not a swingers group.
We practice non-sexual , ethical nudism at our club events. We're grownups. We are not hypocrites, nor are we naive. We assume that our members are just like any other group of adults. We adhere to and believe in the tenants of social nudity, as expressed by the American Association for Nude Recreation. Sexual activity, sexual touching, and lewdness is NOT allowed at our events. Touching others in an unacceptable way (especially when it's unsolicited) will be grounds for your expulsion. Overly prolonged PDA (public display of affection) will get you a tap on your shoulder and you'll probably hear "get a room" . That statement is not meant to be's a nice way to say." Stop what you are doing, you've crossed the line".
We should be able to take our club to any destination and be proud of the behavior of our members, which should be beyond reproach. Simply stated, except the fact that you are nude, your behavior should be no different than you would display around your own kids, your mother, your sister or your grandmother.
WHO WE SEEK: We set out to be a more inclusive club than others. We do not exclude anyone because of their sexual orientation, race, income level or gender. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. We like to think we choose folks who are lively and fun to be around, and folks we would want to be around no matter clothed or naked.
We are a highly social group. If you are an introvert, you can come out of your shell. Around us, you won't have time to bury your nose in a book.
We are NOT a cyber group. We are real people, if you have come to this site from prurient curiosity and wish to leer at photos, you will be sadly disappointed. Photos of events are for the most part are prohibited anyway except in very controlled circumstances.
The dues here are to support the club and club functions, not build up a bank account. We will NOT accept your dues if you are not a participating member. If you do not participate on a regular basis, we will assume you have lost interest or have other things going on in your life preventing your participation. You likely will be dropped after a while, but, you are always welcome back if things change in your life, let us know. Communicate.
We are a Chartered AANR club. See our listing at And check out our website at . As a chartered AANR club, we have credibility with resorts around the state. Your AANR card with FIRST COAST NATURISTS affiliation on it will get you in the door to statewide resorts that otherwise might be closed to you. It is highly encouraged for all members and especially single /SOLO males to join AANR and do it through our club. Importantly, the AANR card, with a chartered club listed on the front, gives a single/solo man credibility when they check into one of the statewide resorts that are AANR affiliated, like Cypress Cove, Sunny Sands, Suwannee Valley Resort and Hidden River among others. If you want to join AANR through the group (which will save you $20.00), we will need your date of birth also. An AANR membership currently is $88.00 a year per couple, $44.00 for each individual, through our club.
Prospective new members, if you are serious, you should attend a Textile meet.( See below, it is a hard requirement for single/solo men) We hold a TEXTILE Meet once a month. The sooner you meet us, the sooner you can be privy to all our events. The Meetup is your chance to meet the folks in the group and get comfortable with them with clothes on before going to a nude events. Come meet up, get to know us, and it will be so much more comfortable for you. New members are required to give basic information about themselves to the club admin, for club records. These are not shared with anyone, but makes future mailings possible. If you want to receive mailing from from the club VERY discretely, Let the admin know when you provide your information. Club mailing will be Plain envelope from the admin to you, personally.
Because we seek active, regularly participating members, we do not normally accept membership for folks who live outside the First Coast area. That means generally, our membership area is about a 60 mile radius from downtown Jacksonville. Living more than an hour away from us is problematic for regular participating. If you are a road runner, then join up! If you are in the Jacksonville area for extended periods of time during the year, that may suffice for being "local".
MANDATORY FOR SOLO/ SINGLE MEN. We will not approve membership, normally, unless you have made an effort to come to a TEXTILE Meetup or if we have met you somewhere previously. SOLO MEN and Single Men, YOU MAY NOT attend a private house party unless we have met you first at a textile event or at a nude function, like at a resort or even the beach. We meet many new members at the resorts we frequent. Single/solo males must pay their dues as soon as they are accepted, currently $30 a year.
If you are a single female, expect to be treated very nicely in this group, without harassment, without being pawed on or preyed upon. At any point you are made to feel uncomfortable by ANYONE, please bring it up to the Organizer, or one of the female co-organizers, please. We expect everyone to treat our fellow members with respect and courtesy, especially the ladies.
Our goal is to have happy active members, whether it be ten or 100. The key word is active. If you join and you are not active for quite a while we will assume you are no longer interested and we will gently remove you from our rolls when your renew date comes around. Couples and singles females dues are waived the first year. So if you join and then do nothing, expect to be removed at some point.
YOUR PROFILE: Your Meetup profile can be anything, but couples will need to  give the organizer or secretary the names of both members, and a good mailing address, and phone number. The email address you register with when you first registered with Meetup is where all notifications will go. That is problematic if you don't check that email address, as you will not get information you will need at times to attend RSVP only events like private house /pool house parties. If you are a single or solo man and we have met you at a resort, please tell us that. Other Single guys...your first inclination is to hit "join". We are chock full of single guys at the moment, and if you want to join, you better present a good case why you would be good for our group by completely filling out our little questionnaire. Please Actually read and answer the questionnaire . Running around your house naked is great, but that does not make you a social nudist. If you have no intention of participating as a social nudist, meaning, being nude with others, we aren't right for you. If we write you and you do not respond, you will declined. If you write a questionnaire and do not answer the questions, you will be declined.
If you are a paid member of a resort like Suwannee Valley Resort, or Sunny Sands or Cypress Cove. Please let us know that upfront, as that is indeed an important factor to us that would actually help you become a member here. If you are an AANR member or a TNS member please indicate that.
SOLO MEN / SOLO WOMEN: If you are married, or partnered, and the wife (or husband, or significant other) does not want to be a nudist, and you do, AND, you can participate without causing yourself domestic strife, and group drama, then you are welcome. Membership dues for couple are presently $40.00 a year, $30.00 for solo/single.  Your participation and willingness to get to know other members of the group, and ability to behave acceptably in a social nudity setting will determine your satisfaction and enjoyment in this group.
Our member nudists, who've observed or participated with another nudist and will give the group a recommendation (sponsorship) is a great way to bring in a new member. Referral from a member of this group will pretty much close the deal. We trust our members to refer great folks, who respect the ideals of social nudity, are great folks, who fit in with other folks well, and are well behaved. This obviously includes folks that are met in the process of a group event at a resort or a beach. We often invite new members based on our observation (and resort vetting). Basically, if a clothing optional resort accepts you, you've already jumped a major hurdle to becoming a member. If you are a total newbie, and have sadly lived your life in textiles, but seek inner peace and the freedom of nudity, we can be the place for you. We are a Nudist group. Clothing optional may be exercised at times, especially if the weather or air conditioning is chilly. Just like nudist resorts, the pool and hot tub are nude only in most nudist homes. You'll see most people arrive, go into the designated disrobe bedroom and just shed their textiles (clothes) and walk into the room with a towel. However, we discourage titillating clothing like lingerie or thongs or G strings. If you have not recently showered, your hosts will be more than happy to let you shower before you use their hot tub or pool. Just ask.
Keep in mind, we nudists accept the idea of clothing optional when folks are learning to be comfortable. So pace yourself if you need to. We've all been where you've been as far as the first time. No one is going to judge you or stare at you, or remark about your life medals (scars). You may find that you'll attract more attention with clothes on or with some clothes on than if you are just nude. Enjoy yourself!! Try to maintain eye contact and show respect for the person just like you would appreciate it for yourself. If male, and you experience the highly unlikely erection, just throw a towel on until you subside. No one will persecute you for your body having a mind of its own, but flaunting an erection is frowned upon.
Call me or text if you have any questions about our club, social nudism or AANR, 904-887-8123
Dave Berry