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What we’re about

Creating great value innovative and bespoke adventures; at home and abroad.

FITNESS ADVENTURES MIDLANDS is for those who enjoy the great outdoors; all of our adventures are within the compass of someone with an average level of fitness. But, above all, the Group is for those who embrace fellowship, inclusiveness and fun in the company of like minded people.

At FITNESS ADVENTURES MIDLANDS, there will be something for everyone, ranging from country walks, to weekends away, to adventure activities.  Since the Group formed in March 2017, we have canoed, climbed, cycled, hiked, scrambled, run, swum, walked ... and, socialised; of course.

We hope the Group is a platform where you can meet others who might encourage you to pursue that elusive personal goal; maybe to achieve something on that 'bucket list' that requires other, like-minded people.  Obviously, the success and longevity of the Group depends upon members embracing the adventures; please become an active member of the Group.

Some of our programmes may well be challenging but all should be within reach of those with an average level of fitness; fellowship and fun is at the centre of all we do.
The Group is about personal well-being; about being comfortable, healthy and happy; embracing the outdoors.  Whilst fitness may well be a core value, we are absolutely not a Group of fitness fanatics.   Please do not be put off from joining our activities with the 'excuse' you are not fit enough; we hope you will join us, try new activities, visit new places and make new friends.

Our goal is to create programmes where you can enhance your wellbeing in a fun and friendly environment.  Our trips will often utilise either expert local guides or specialist instructors in their field; when travelling abroad, this will allow us to explore with local people gaining an insight into the customs, culture and traditions of that country, visiting places 'off the beaten track' and away from the more usual attractions.

FITNESS ADVENTURES MIDLANDS is, above all, about fellowship and fun, exploring new places and enhancing personal well-being.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Group.


In becoming a member of Fitness Adventures Midlands (“the Group”), you agree and acknowledge that the Group, the Group organiser(s) or any host of the Group’s events or activities (be they other members of the Group or guest hosts), either individually or collectively, do not have a legal duty of care to Group members and/or guests of the Group and that the Group organiser(s), including event hosts accept no liability for any accident howsoever caused occurring from, or for any injuries or loss arising out of, participation in any organised events or Group activities, including any travel to and from events.

The purpose of the Group is to arrange social activities for the members of Fitness Adventures Midlands (“the Group”).  Members of the Group and any guests participate in events entirely at their own risk.  It is not the responsibility of the Group's organising team or event hosts to check the suitability of individuals to take part in any event; it is the specific and sole responsibility of the individual participating in any Group event to ensure that they are in a fit medical state to do so.  Further, it is not the responsibility of the Group’s organiser(s) or event hosts for the actions of any individual Group member or their/any guest.

Group members are expected to be respectful towards others, be they Group members or members of the public and to property.  Any behaviour, physical or verbal, thought to be inappropriate, abusive, threatening or offensive in any way will not be tolerated.  The Group organiser(s) reserve the right to exclude any Group member and/or any guest where behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable; the Group organiser(s) decision will be final and binding; no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

It is a condition of joining the Group that you acknowledge that the Group organiser(s) including event hosts of any Group activities do not necessarily hold any professional qualifications and that they may not have attended any formal training in relation to any of the events organised by the Group.  The organising team and event hosts merely volunteer to organise and host events; the organising team of any event and any event hosts thereof accept no liability for any accident, injury or loss howsoever arising.

The Group organiser(s) and any event hosts will not be held responsible for the welfare, safety or access requirements of any member or guest who participates in any of the Group's event.  Every member is responsible for their own safety and no liability will be accepted for any loss, injury or damage, howsoever caused.  Members attend all events at their own risk and it is mandatory that you and any guests have valid and up to date insurance covering all risks before participating in any Group events; when travelling abroad, you are also required to carry a valid EHIC card.

It is a further condition of joining the Group that you acknowledge and consent that photographs taken during any of the Group’s events may be posted on the Group’s Meetup Page and any other social media platform operated by the Group.  If you do not wish photographs to be published, you should not attend Group events.

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