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What we’re about

FitnessMamma - Don't let the name fool you - Both MEN & WOMEN are welcome...

( ) created by Shelley Kimberly ( )

My goal has always been to have fun, in whatever activity I am involved in.  I am committed to helping others live a healthy, fulfilling, happy life too. I want this MeetUp to be a fun place to help each other in all aspects of life.....

This group is for everyone interested in networking, socializing and learning new ways of improving their lives, personally, professionally, physically, financially, in a positive and supportive environment.

This is the beginning of a new YOU..What are your goals...What will be different than last month...Do you keep putting your health and FUN on the back burner..

About Me:

Shelley Kimberly - (Short description until I have more time to share a more detailed bio) Wife, mother of 3, Colon Cancer Survivor, Dermatomyositis Survivor (auto-immune disease), and I love to exercise....I love watching sports with my family and I LOVE THE BEACH :)

*****WHILE in the process of healing myself and balancing my life, I will be having MEETups from the comfort of our own homes...I will have a game platform set up and there will be a LIVE chat room open during games.   I will have contests set up to win prizes as well.