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What we’re about

Welcome to Boston Co-Ed Flag Football, which is a PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK group. We are not responsible for any medical cost due to a player being injured at one of our events.

  • We are a non-contact American Football group that meets and plays 104 times a year! We play for 4+ hours every Saturday and 2+ hours every Wednesday for FREE!!! It's the best deal in New England.
  • The intent of Boston Co-Ed Flag Football is to have fun, get exercise and socialize.
  • Feel free to contact me Donny or any of the event coordinators if you have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

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Group Rules and Restrictions

***THIS IS A PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK EVENT*** Flags are provided at the field. We play year-round in all weather conditions. We play every Wednesday from 6:00pm-9pm and from 12:30PM to 4PM every Saturday. The field is a high grade quality turf surface.

  • All games are free of charge, however, donations are accepted to cover the cost of the flags/cones/markers/pylons and the meetup site fees. Please see Donny the group organizer.

    Skill Level: All skill levels are welcome.

    CONTACT: Currently we are a non-contact group.

  • SAFETY: If you are late on the play do not go up for the ball go for the flag to avoid injuries. Please be respectful of your fellow players while going up for passes to minimize mid-air collisions.

    Giving yourself up: If a receiver stops running at anytime after a catch is made the play is considered dead.

    Knee down: If a receiver's knee touches the ground or turf he/ she is considered down.

    Not Allowed: Flag guarding, stiff arming and lowering your shoulder.

    Playing time: Players should arrive before 12:30 on Saturday and 6:00 on Wednesday night so I can get a head count to determine how many games will be played and which part of the field(s) the games will be played on. Players come and go as they please as the day progresses.