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What we’re about

Hi Hikers!

Effective 11/11/2023 - We have changed our group name to Florida Myst Hikers

My goal for this group is to gather those that enjoy moderate hiking and give safety in numbers. I plan on having a variety of hiking trails vs rotating monthly. Suggestion of good trails is encouraged. Trail length can be anywhere from 2-10 miles.

What is moderate? According to Ramblers, the average walking speed for adult hikers is 2.5 miles per hour, without accounting for stops. Other sources, however, quote speeds ranging from 1.5 miles per hour to a sprightly 3.5 miles per hour. We will stay in this range, speed usually depends on the trail and how often we stop for breaks.

One of the concerns with the former host was the expense of maintaining the group which sounds like it led to her burnout. There were 143 members when I took over and most them signed up and never came back. When considering taking this group over, I discussed cost control with a friend and came up with a $10 membership fee. This is less than a $1 a month for the year. If someone who wants to join this group is experiencing undue hardship, contact me.

What are the benefits of hiking? Sports medicine physician Matthew Kampert, DO, MS did an interview with Cleveland Clinic and came up with 9 benefits of hiking:

  1. Reduction of heart disease.
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Combats diabetes
  4. Tackles obesity
  5. Reduces anxiety and depression
  6. Improves sleep
  7. Builds strong muscles and bones
  8. Improves arthritis
  9. Helps with balance

I hope these benefits along with being surrounded with the beauty of nature will encourage you to join our group. I look forward to meeting you.