FloridaJS - AWS Workshop by Ivan Bliskavka

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THIS EVEN WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: https://meet.floridajs.com#

AWS is taking over the wold. So it's time we had a workshop to learn it.

That's why we've asked Ivan Bliskavka to create a workshop that shows how to create installable, serverless applications in AWS.

We'll learn
- Frontend - React w/ AWS Amplify
- Hosting: S3 with CloudFront and Route53 for DNS
- Authentication: AWS Cognito with self-sign up
- Backend: Lambda with API GW
- Storage: S3 + Dynamo DB

The point of the workshop is walk through the configuration and deployment of the solution. We'll have a starter repo that you can fork.

Ivan is a Lead Developer at voicefoundry.com, which creates custom integrations with Amazon Connect - a cloud-based contact center.
Consulting tends to encounter the same requirements every few months, so he has developed a skill for creating templates and installers. This allows him to quickly get past the boring stuff, and focus on his passion: invention.
He learns new skills by publishing at least 1 monetized app a year and moonlighting as an AWS Serverless consultant.
You can find more about Ivan at: https://bliskavka.com