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Flower of Life is focused on helping individuals to have happier and more fulfilling lives through human evolution. This group encompasses the events of all of our other groups but also adds a spiritual element that is not entirely presented in our health and longevity and astrology and metaphysics groups. The mission of Flower of Life is to be an agent for positive change in people's lives and the consciousness of the world as a whole by approaching this change from all different directions; material, mind, body, and spirit. What makes our group different is that it is not intended to be only a social group or community, but also to be a resource of knowledge and techniques that you can apply in your life to create immediate positive changes. Some of the subjects we will discuss in this group will include: Metaphysics, Astrology, Numerology, Health, Longevity, Raw Food Diet, Spiritual and Psychic Development, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Energy Healing, Neuro Reconditioning, Physics, and many more exciting and breakthrough areas to help you to have a more fulfilling and joyful life experience.

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To learn more about The Flower of Life symbol and its meaning, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss1ajWeY_wc&feature=player_embedded#!

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Resetting your Crystalline DNA | Align To The Earth's New Grid

DoubleTree by Hilton Guest Suites Fort Shelby/Detroit Downtown

Awakening To Your Divine Nature

DoubleTree by Hilton Guest Suites Fort Shelby/Detroit Downtown

Awake And Empowered Expo!

DoubleTree by Hilton Guest Suites Fort Shelby/Detroit Downtown

Volunteer at the Awake & Empowered Expo

Downtown Wellness Union (next to Updog Yoga)

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