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Travel Writing & Share Your Stories!
We're travelers and we want to share our most amazing stories! Hey, my name is Lily Wong, and I'm a professional tourist (Yes, I get paid to travel) and I podcast & blog about my travel experiences. @FlywithLily I want to help you explore travel writing! Bring your laptop or tablet to come to our FlyClub to write about your most amazing travel stories and share with one another! You will practice your writing and storytelling skills in this meetup and learn about how you can actually make money through sharing your experiences online. 19:00 Write Together (Bring your laptop/Tablet!) 20:00 Share with One Another The event is free. However, you can leave a donation or buy a drink to support FlyClub! Here's the address: Plaza del Duc de Medinaceli, 5, 5-2, 08002, BARCELONA You can add me (Lily) on WhatsApp: [masked] to ask questions about our events!


Plaza del Duc de Medinaceli, 5, 5-2, 08002, BARCELONA · Barcelona

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Hi this is Lily, I'm the podcaster and producer of Fly with Lily ( and Fly with Lily (Mandarin) ( podcasts. I've just recently relocated in Barcelona and got an Entrepreneur Residency here. I'm originally from Taiwan but I don't live there anymore. I have been traveling for almost 10 years. However, after my divorce four years ago, I became location-independent, and was traveling and living in 25 different countries (100+ cities) in the past four years. I never thought I would make a full-time living by podcasting but I've been pretty lucky with it.

I want to contribute my 2018 & 2019 to do free seminars to help people share their message/life purpose and leverage their business by making podcasts. As an experienced podcaster who has 17 podcasts and 680 + episodes online, I will make sure your time spending with me is worthwhile.

I’d love to make connections with other podcasters and people who are interested ing in podcasting. Join me and check out our activities!

I consider myself to be somewhat introverted; I love reading about self-improvement, spirituality, and plenty of other things.) But I’m also outgoing and like to do activities outdoors like hiking, sports, going to the beach as well as painting, cooking, and learning new skills. I have a great sense of humor and am fun to be around. I love getting involved in intellectual conversations with my friends!

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