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STEAMPUNK wedding at Grant Humphreys Mansion!!! - Real Wedding Workshop

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Carolyn and Patrick

November 1st, 2012

Who wants Steampunk and Victorian? Who wants Grant Humphreys Mansion? Here is the chance of a lifetime to get the most unique workshop experience a real wedding can offer!

First we'll cover the ceremony at Little Ivy Chapel followed by the reception at Grant Humphreys Mansion. The couple and bridal party will be adorned in the Victorian Steampunk fashion. So many great photo ops and such an awesome theme!!!

The Finer Details:

Have you wanted to get a jump start in the wedding photography industry, but are worried about taking that first step? I for one remember my first wedding and the apprehension that took over my every move and thought. It was so nerve wracking I could hardly concentrate on the event. I missed cues, stumbled over shots, worried the whole time, and in the end realized what looked good on my camera, wasn't even close on the computer. Forget all of that! Here is your chance to get the photos you’ve needed for your portfolio and valuable experience without the aggravation involved in doing everything yourself. We’ve set everything up so that you can just shoot the wedding and enjoy it. No worries about missing things, just have fun learning how to shoot weddings in a private setting without the fear of being able to "get the shot".

We will be holding this private opening for only 4 photographers. You WILL be free to use the photos for your portfolio to increase business potential and quality of work, and you will NOT be expected to produce images to us or the client, while it is complimentary to share with the bride and groom.

This unique opportunity gives a photographer the freedom to get portfolio material and experience without the hassle of the planning and apprehension involved in the real deal, and yet, it is still the real deal! This is NOT a workshop for shooting a wedding as a 'second photographer'. Since Mark Alison Photography always shoots with two shooters, you are further separated from the stress of producing and are more free to take your time, think, and learn in the perfect environment.

Weddings are a small battleground where learning from mistakes can be costly in many ways, not just quality and client relations, but reputation. That's why we not only train our interns in a no-stress environment so they can learn at their pace with no thoughts of failure, but we also want them to gain the confidence in themselves before giving them their own assignments. Imagine jumping into the wedding industry with no fear and all the confidence you need to do great - well guess what - the path is here! We will make certain you get the opportunity for many of the same shots we get, not including the family formals, and with two instructors present there is always time for Q&A.

Each wedding grants the attendee three very important elements:

1. Complete diversity. Unless it's a renewal of vows, a couple marries each other once! No wedding is the same.

2. Every wedding has a new dress, new rings, new shoes, custom decor, custom cakes, and custom lighting.

3. This is a real wedding, not a mock wedding. That means real love, real emotion, and real effort has been put in to making it perfect. This means you get real wedding photos, with real tears, real smiles, real laughter, and most of all, real experience.

This Real Wedding Workshop is only for the following package:

1. The Complete Package ($320) Includes:

· Three full classes:

1) Pre-Wedding Instruction on consults, pricing, and scouting/preparation. (Booked Separately)

2) Actual Wedding Day [November 1st]

3) Post-Wedding photo critique and client wrap-up. (Booked Separately)

· Dinner Will Be Provided

· NO Stress Environment

· NO Expected Photo Return

· Photos May be Used in Portfolio

There are some very important points to understand before placing an RSVP:

1) There will be NO flash used for the entire duration of the wedding ceremony, so printable ISO 3200, and at least f/2.8 telephoto, primes and wide/zooms are a must. A 50mm f/1.4 would be worth it's weight in gold!.

2) The Little Ivy Chapel is a romantic location with dim lighting. Stained glass windows bring most of their light in on the South side of the chapel with only several overhead fixtures making up the difference.

3) Grant Humphreys Mansion is a complex location with many different lighting scenarios that require gels and possible off-camera-flash. Outdoor aspects offer endless possibilities that make it critical to do scouting ahead of time.

Recommended Canon Bodies:

5D MK II (Pro Level)

1D MK IV (Pro Level)

Recommended Nikon Bodies:

D700 (Pro-Sumer Level - What We Use)

D3s (Pro Level)

D3X (Pro Level)

Rental Houses like Mikes Camera in Boulder, Camren's in Denver ( ), and Borrow are great resources.

Why we use Nikon:

Please ask me any questions you may have regarding this very personal and unique training class.

***I will need to obtain a personal email address since I'll be sending out the release that way. I'll also be sending a digital copy of any take-home materials used at the extended $320 workshop.***

Other Information:


Reviews speak for themselves :

Annie Coppock said, "What an incredible experience! Thanks to Mark, Kyle, and Sarah for being so supportive throughout the day. Each of them were very open with their knowledge they have about weddings and helped me fine-tune the exposures and angles every step of the way. Love that everyone was so helpful. Even the bride asked me if there was anything she could do for me!"

Ranjit said, "Awesome !!! As usual, Mark / Kyle / Lonnie were well prepared and very helpful. The notes and cheat sheet given to us before the event helped a lot. The other photographers were easy to work with and good fun. Most importantly, the bride. groom and their wedding party were very gracious, polite and welcoming."

Sam T said, "Good shoot. It is all coming back to me in rapid fashion. Could have used more time after the ceremony with bride and groom, but the meter (on the limo) was running. Great instructions by Mark & Kyle."

And Sara, our latest permanent edition to the team, says after training for 6 months this way, " I no longer have fear of taking pictures at a wedding and worrying about all the pressures that come with it. I've found it to be fun and addicting, sharing in the client's special day."

Jas Purdue, "Thanks for an incredible evening this Saturday.. If it wasn't obvious enough, I had a blast..! :)"

See you at the next one!