Tech Talks: GraphQL, Managing Up, and Developer Productivity Engineering!

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Join us for our monthly gathering, hosted by Stitch Fix (! We will feature one short and two longer talks, sandwiched with networking and food and drink. Bike parking will require some coordination but when you arrive, there should be a Fog City Ruby volunteer to help you (there are no bikes allowed in the building lobby).

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Speakers of all programming and speaking experience levels are welcome to submit talks, and we're especially excited to host speakers who come from populations that are underrepresented in tech.


6:30pm — Doors open, food, networking

7:00pm — Jennifer Tu: Managing Up 101

Ever wished you could be happier at your job? That your boss let you do what you want? Let's talk about what managing up is, why it's important, how it might change your career, and a few initial how-to strategies.

7:15pm — Ting Chou: Utilizing Tools to Build a GraphQL Backend for Rapid Development

GraphQL is a powerful technology providing the client with an efficient and elegant way to fetch data, getting exactly the data and avoiding multiple round-trips. This talk will cover topics beyond what you see in "Introduction to GraphQL" tutorials. After the talk, you'll gain a deeper understanding of GraphQL itself, with perspectives on how to build a GraphQL backend either alongside an existing app or from scratch.

7:45pm — Pan Thomakos: Developer Productivity Engineering

At Strava, we are experimenting with a framework we call Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE). DPE applies the principles of Site Reliability Engineering, developed by Google, to improving productivity through automation for both individual engineers and engineering organizations. Learn the six components of toil that can be automated away to lead to happier and productive teams.

8:15-9:00pm — More hanging out and talking to nice people


Jennifer Tu enjoys writing code, and adores listening to colleagues and helping them solve their problems. She spends approximately all her non-work waking hours practicing martial arts and petting strangers' dogs.

Ting Chou is a web developer in San Francisco, CA. She is co-creator of a GraphQL backend framework called Allograph, and she loves animation.

Pan Thomakos leads productivity engineering at Strava. He spends most of his time developing automation to eliminate manual tasks, and improving engineering processes. Among his other projects, Pan created Strava's deployment script and continuous integration and build services. He is originally from Greece and spends his free time running, cooking, and wrestling with his kids.


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