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What we’re about

Foo Café is an independent company who make Meetups easier. We're a platform for the tech community.

When geeks hang out cool stuff happens. When we talk about what we've been doing, we think, innovate and create. We want to hang out, and we want to do it more often. 

Foo Café give usergroups a venue, beer and pizza. We also help them connect to a wider tech network, and offer some advice about how to run a truly inclusive event. We do it for free. 

We then take on the responsibility of finding long term partners. We work with companies who also want to support a culture of sharing knowledge. Companies are offered visibility as well as support running their own events. 

Originally founded in Malmö Foo Café has now spread to Stockholm. 

If you're a user group who would like some support, lets chat. 

If you're a company who would like to help us do what we do, then let's also chat!

All our events are hosted at Hammarby Kaj 10, within the Goto10 venue. For more information and a full calendar of all our events check out:

All are welcome!