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What we’re about

You can join this group,and notcome to any events,that's fine,the only thing we ask is that you don't be a no show,your allowed so two,then we remove you from the group.This group is about having a coffee conversation and making friends qand sharing coffee stories,and we do Lunch,Dinner.And occasionally we will do other stuff.And we are handycap accesible.We are based in Fort Myers and we go to coffee shop's in the Fort Myer's area,and occasionally we'll go to Cape Coral.Some mornings and some afternoons.Nights.We try to be acessable to the deaf,and were looking for host's that knows sign language,and were going to try do post a link for a sign language cheat sheet to learn how to great deaf member's.We are preasure free,so you can just come when you can,even if you cant come to any event's,tour still welcome to stay,because you never know when you will be able to come to one.I dont run a busines,so why should it matter if we have active or inactive member's.