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What we’re about

Welcome to Founders & Funders!

Our community is dedicated to fostering growth and innovation by aiding members in launching and securing funding for their ventures. Whether you're at the seed stage of a startup, steering an early-stage company, or looking to invest in or establish funds across diverse sectors like real estate, cryptocurrency, hedge funds, private equity, etc., we're here to support your journey.

Beyond financial endeavors, Founders & Funders serves as a vibrant network for making meaningful connections, forging new friendships, and engaging in stimulating discussions about the latest global trends and innovations. Join us to catapult your ideas to new heights and navigate the thrilling world of entrepreneurship and investment together! πŸš€

Monthly Events:

  • Virtual Event: Discussion Forum

Description: A virtual forum focused on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the finance sector and beyond. It is for members to engage in deep dives into current topics, share their insights, and gain perspectives from a diverse group of peers and industry experts.

Benefits: Stay informed, enhance your expertise, and broaden your insights with discussions led by experts and peers.

  • In-Person Event: Networking Night

Location: Miami, FL - Venues rotate between co-working spaces, private event spaces, and outdoor venues to offer a variety of atmospheres.

Description: A monthly mixer where entrepreneurs and investors can connect, share ideas, and foster potential collaborations in a relaxed, informal setting.

Benefits: Build your network in a dynamic, friendly environment while learning from successful members of the startup and investment community.