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Crypto Currency Mining - FVCP July 2022

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My Adventures (or Misadventures) with Crypto Currency Mining – by Tom Rogers

From the perspective of a complete Bitcoin Novice. By now everyone has heard of Bitcoin and has their own thoughts, experiences, and perceptions about what it is and what you do with it. The Fox Vally presentation for July will recount my trials, tribulations, and opinions on Bitcoin and crypto mining, how I got into it, and where I expect to go with it. Also, we can explore ways the crypto world is changing and changing our lives.

Carlos Ramirez, Houston Tx, will join Tom to talk about his mining experience in the Helium block chain and how it's different than bitcoin mining. We’ll discuss a little history, a little economics, a little tech, and few stories about how he got into crypto mining and his current mining operations now.

Carlos has over 35 years of experience in technology including interconnects, software resellers, and large to small ISVs. Daily user of computers to complete personal and business tasks since 1985. He can be a bit geeky but also competent at communicating value to all audience levels. The last 20+ years have been focused on channels and alliances including 15 years at a multi-billion dollar corporation with extensive experience in marketing, sales, business development, and relationship management.
In the last few years, I rediscovered the "joys" of the market including various facets of crypto.

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