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Join Fox Valley Computing Professionals [FVCP], where IT experts and business representatives network, share and learn. In today’s high tech world, excellence is a team effort. Collaboration is critical to getting and staying on top. IT and business need each other.

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Dipping Our Toes Into Kubernetes For 6¢ and Matrix.org Workshops – FVCP Online

FVCP SUMMER LABS Series Using Matrix.org Workshop Presentations We are hosting a series of summer workshops to dive into Using Martix.org. Results for the first Server Side Workshop will be ready for our meeting in July. The others are yet pending... - Server Side Workshop - Led by Lorin Olsen - Scheduled July 2nd - Client Site Workshop - Led by Bob Snodgrass - TDB - API Integration Workshop - Led by ?? - TDB # Dipping Our Toes Into Kubernetes For 6¢ - by Tom Purl ## Overview What is Kubernetes? Should I care about it as a developer? Can someone actually explain things in a way that won't bore me to death? Well, let's hope so :slightly_smiling_face: I will be giving a demo during this presentation that demonstrates the following Installing a Seleniuim Grid instance using Helm (don't worry if you don't know what Selenium is - it doesn't really matter) Inspect the Kubernetes "primitives" such as pods and services Kick the tires from my laptop without opening any ports to the public (over HTTP and VNC) Tearing everything down when I'm done By the time I'm done I hope that you feel comfortable poking around with Kubernetes and more confident talking about it with the cool kids at parties. ## Presenter Bio Tom Purl is a Automation Analyst for a IOT company who likes to build cool things and share them with others. He is fairly new to Kubernetes but has deployed a few "real" apps now and is impressed by it's capabilities. & Riot— Tom Purl 6:30 pm - Social Time 7:00 pm - Presentations To receive the invite you must RSVP “yes”. Invitations are sent only to people signed up. Check your email before attending the meeting for the full link. (you will need a password)

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