React in the Real World - Part 3: Firebase, Roc.js, GraphQL

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Framsia: web front-end developers usergroup
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React continues to wow developers across the world. Let's dive deep into it one more time.

Real-time React with Firebase
by Simen Brekken and Einar Löve from Unfold AS

Keeping application state synchronized between clients in real-time is complicated stuff. In this talk we’ll get into how you can use Firebase together with React to solve this problem without writing a single API-endpoint.

Roc.js: Simplifying the modern JavaScript application toolchain
by Andreas Rudi Søvik and Gustaf Dalemar from Verdens Gang AS

Roc is a development toolkit that makes it easier to create web applications and components without the boilerplate fragmentation and complex setup processes. It does this in a modular and extendable way.

Makes it easy to; using existing extensions:

• Create production ready React ( applications featuring universal rendering.Create general web applications running on a Koa (

• First class developer experience with hot reloading and Browsersync (

• Best in class build setup using Webpack ( and Babel (

Basically Roc composes some great open source tools and make them easy to use with a streamlined command line interface and configuration/extension system. Roc allows for overriding of every aspect of it, so it does not limit you.

Getting graphy data from Ruter with GraphQL
by Rune Halvorsen from
GraphQL is a tool for representing schemas and performing queries on data. This talk introduces the basics of GraphQL, its type system and syntax. There will be examples and demos of how you can use the data available from Ruter's open API with GraphQL.

See you at MESH!