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Framsia er en norsk brukergruppe for teknisk frontend. Hvis du interesserer deg for utvikling basert på åpne web-standarder som JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SVG og lignende teknologier relatert til nettlesere, så er Framsia gruppen for deg! Framsia holder regelmessige meetups med både norske og internasjonale talere, med sterkt fokus på både faglig kvalitet og sosial hygge.

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Framsia is back! Serverless Evening: What does Serverless bring to front-end dev

Framsia meetup is back on the track with the event dedicated to the very interesting topic: what does Serverless mean for the front-end development and developers? Let's check what the major cloud providers think about that. We're hosting this event on Telia. Learn about the paradigm shift in software development. If you want to prepare for the event, check out this article: https://medium.com/capgemini-norway/serverless-et-paradigmeskifte-i-systemutvikling-556a24fb9bd6 Agenda: 17:00 Doors open 17:30 Jørgen Lybeck Hansen Title: Destroying Backends with Serverless. Description: What is Serverless, why do we need to know about it, and how do we implement it? I'll explain some these things and show you how easy it can be to move your business logic to the cloud instead of that heavy Spring Boot app. This is a practical guide of using AWS Amplify with your favorite frontend framework! Biography: Frontend Community Lead at Capgemini. Consultant at Nordea. Weekend coder. Serverless enthusiast. Coffee exploiter. 18:00 Marek Magdziak Title: Serverless API architecture with GraphQL Description: The journey and pitfalls of creating a serverless API architecture shareable between multiple separate teams with AWS Lambda and AppSync. Biography: Fullstack developer actively working with a variety of technologies from .NET through nodejs to Unity, where he doubles as game developer/designer, currently developing www.telia.no and Min Side. 18:30 Mingling, communicating, discussing See you in Telia!

NDC for Community

Oslo Spektrum

We have a tradition in our community! We meet the evening before NDC for listening to speakers from the conference. Same venue as NDC has, best-of-the-best speakers from NDC. Welcome! ========================== The event is free for Framsia meetup members. The only obligatory thing you need to do (in addition to setting RSVP) is getting your free ticket here (it will take 30 sec): https://ndcoslo.com/page/ndc-community-tuesday/ Please note: there will be 5 different local meetups (Angular Oslo, Mobile Meetup, NNUG, C++ User Group and Framsia) going in parallel in Oslo Spektrum that evening. You need to register only once to attend any of them. We are working on inviting the best NDC speakers to speak at our event, the program will be announced soon. Meanwhile, please reserve your seat. ========================== 17:00 - 17:30 Snacks from NDC and mingling 17:30 - 18:15 TBA 18:15 - 18:30 Break 18:30 - 19:15 TBA ========================== About the speakers ...soon Please, do not forget to get a free ticket here: https://ndcoslo.com/page/ndc-community-tuesday/ ========================== See you at Spektrum!

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