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What we’re about

All you have to bring is yourself to these sessions! You can bring a notebook to write some notes if you would like as well.


I will send a zoom link to your email within 24-72 hours after you sign up for a spot.

As a trauma-informed coach for women, I help you navigate challenges and come up with solutions. We work together to move you towards more peace, clarity, and fulfillment.

You are not a machine. You are a human with such nuance and complexity….aaand you probably make things more complicated than they need to be (no shame, we all do).

My goal is to simplify with you. To make it feel GOOD to live in your brain. Like…actually calm and confident and safe.

You’re allowed to feel all the emotions humans have. And…you are also a human who lives in a world that EMBARRASSINGLY devalues the highly-sensitive, creative, not-so-neuro-typical, INCREDIBLE GOLD-MINE brains (like yours and mine).

Patriarchy and colonialist values instill in us that there is a “right” way to live and be…and that we’re doing it wrong. And of course – we make this mean something about us as people, particularly, that WE are not enough.

Add some (or a lot) of trauma in there, and of course you feel the way you do.


Hi!! I'm Danelle.
I am a certified trauma-informed life coach, a nurse, have a master’s degree in Chinese medicine, and hold a 300+ hour meditation and yoga certification. I am highly sensitive, curious, proud human weirdo who has an insatiable drive to help women unburden themselves of the pressures/shame/self-loathing/never-enough-ness thrust onto them at birth and throughout the 80 (give or take) years of their lives.

Coaching package:

Sometimes, the one free first meeting is all that is needed/desired.

There is also the option to continue working together.

The sessions generally go as follows:

  • We discuss challenges
  • We uncover the solutions
  • We bridge the gap (find what action steps to take based on the problem(s))
  • We create a vision for you


"Danelle is one of the wisest and most compassionate people I've ever met, and her voice has been an invaluable source of guidance in my life. If you're struggling or just want to optimize and think you could benefit from having someone to talk to, I can't recommend her service highly enough."

"Because of your coaching, I’m able to process my feelings and give myself permission to create boundaries in my relationships and not feel guilty about these boundaries or feel a sense of abandonment. I had so much shame and guilt around creating boundaries, and have felt a removal of this shame."

"Coaching with you has been the greatest testament of my reattachment to myself. You’ve created a safe space for me to show up and do this work."
"I didn’t have the tools to get to the place I’ve wanted to be. You had the tools that have allowed me to take myself to places that I’ve wanted to go for SO long. You’ve been an incredible guide for me."

"Through coaching with you, I’ve learned how to connect to my own higher power. I’ve been able to experience myself from a place that I’ve never experienced myself from before. Being able to see myself for who I am and love and honor her has been the greatest gift."

"This experience has just been everything I’ve been longing for for a long time. You’ve been an incredible mirror. Thank you for being such a safe space to uncover my triggers and traumas and plant them back as beautiful little flowers in my garden. I water these flowers with whatever I need because I’m not scared of these parts of myself anymore."

"I would absolutely 100 percent recommend your coaching for anyone who is ready to feel unstuck and get to their next level, whatever that may look like."

It's not easy for me to be trusting or ask for support or help. Through coaching with you, I feel like I'm organizing my life/thinking in a way that makes me feel more expansive, which is exactly what I wanted."

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