What we're about

For all those who currently practice meditation and/or are interested in learning more about meditation and its numerous benefits.

For those who understand that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Who seek the truth and want to improve their lives mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our group, explores the power of meditation and its effect on all aspects of our lives. Through the practice of meditation techniques based on Surat Shabd Yoga (not traditional yoga) one begins to learn things about life and their own being that were once a mystery. Whether meditation is new to you or you have already been practicing on your own, this individually paced meditation group will guide you in practicing the teachings of Saints and Spiritual leaders to get first hand scientifiacally verifiable proof that this technique of meditation has tremendous benefits in all aspects of our lives; mental, physical, and spiritual. Hence our group is aptly named Science of Spirituality.

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