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What we’re about

Looking to free-write with others because doing so makes you feel human, alive, genuine and connected with others? More concerned with telling the truth than getting published? Finding something about this type of writing and interconnectedness vital, important, creative and healing? Want to bear witness and listen with compassion, as well as open up and share your authentic, true self? We are a group of women who want to better honor our own histories, stories and emotions as well as support ourselves and one another in creating new ways of seeing, being and communing with others. Writing from prompts, we will share our grief and sorrows, as well as our joys, excitement and passions. We aren't asking for advice or a quick fix, but we are eager to be honest and create deep connection with others who aspire to stay present, share, and mindfully celebrate our vulnerabilities in ourselves, each other and the wider world.

Locations in Boston, Cambridge & Weymouth!