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What we’re about

As per the Normal description for Hash House Harriers. We are a 'Drinking Club with a running problem', with chapters, or kennels in many cities and countries across the world. We focus on a combination of socialising and building up a thirst with a run beforehand. Trails for this group are approximately 8-12Km, which are aimed to take approximately 1-1:30 hours. It is based on the hare and hounds style of running, where the 'pack' doesn't know the route that the run will take, only the hare does. The hare lets the pack know the route by leaving flour or chalk marks which are all explained at the beginning.

You should join, if you are a social soul, that likes to get out in the fresh air for some exercise, and also to meet people from different walks of life, or even just to break up your week with something new.

The cost for participation is 10CHFs which covers drinks and snacks after the run.