Next Meetup

Revived anew & Coalescing. Regalia (Colandars) and perhaps pasta plans after!
On every first Sunday of the month, meet under the lobby dinosaurs at 1pm and explore until closing. I will tell you my plans to expand, and increase visibility and relevance. Initially we will be meeting with NYC Brights, ANBU-TRU, and the Guardians against the Tyranny of the Fanatical. New Meetball festivities in place and Pasta sign sightings poised and other sacraments will be more widely sought. We will be reading from The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I am in contact with Bobby Henderson for his blessings. Write me freely. Pastafarianism is not a one joke phenomenon nor will it be relegated to the back burner, assumed to die on the vine, or dis-empowered by naysayers. To his perpetual Noodly goodness, Arrrrr and RAmen (RA-person)!!!

American Museum of Natural History

Central Park West between 79th and 81st Streets · New York, NY

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