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A social and networking group for freelancers in the creative field. Our goal is to provide you with helpful resources and fun, engaging networking opportunities. Join the group to meet fellow professionals and learn about potential business opportunities!

This group does not have regularly scheduled meetings, but anyone can schedule a meetup by clicking Schedule a New Meetup on the home page. Propose a time, place and theme for your meetup and get like-minded Freelance Creatives together to work on a project or simply network.

If you want to socialize, network and hang out in the middle of the day, or any time... JOIN US!

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I am recently unemployed and looking for people in my age range (20-something) who want to meet in a cafe on weekdays. I can do my job search and you can do your work but we can still be social (studies have shown that being social increases productivity). Message me if you're interested.

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