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Welcome to Freelancers! We are meeting online via Zoom at 1pm on 3rd Sundays until further notice due to Covid. At our online meetup you will have opportunities to meet and interact with freelancers and other interesting and friendly independent professionals who are positive in attitude mainly from the Wash. D.C. community! Some freelancers also call themselves "IT professionals" "web developers" "consultants" "life coaches" "community builders" "brokers" "interpreters" "graphic artists" etc. You'll meet many freelancers by different names at these 3rd Sunday inclusive community events!


The first step is to get to know each other better to see if we are ready to work together harmoniously with appreciation, forgiveness and understanding. These monthly community events provide opportunities to interact with people of diverse backgrounds, develop more professional and community allies and to connect with others with similar interests. Express your enthusiasm to the co-organizers and followup if you are interested in possible collaborative projects for mutual benefit.

WHEN: 1:00PM TO 2:30PM on the third Sundays of each month, same time and place. One-on-one networking conversations follow to 4PM.

ADMISSION: Free online, any donation via Meetup is greatly appreciated but not required. FOR in person networking events at One Fish restaurant suggested $5 donation to nonprofit; suggested $10 cash at door  (self-pay for lunch or what you order.) 

Come together to make new contacts and share your expertise and experiences with people of diverse backgrounds. You are not defined by your legal status or label or what you do. Research suggests that we are infinite power and Love in truth. Come and meet prospective clients, future associates, mentors, investors and others who may be good for you to know. It is more likely as you regularly show up and develop familiarity, you may be informed of more opportunities to do the kind of work you love. People play many roles and perform various functions at different times of their lives as they continue to evolve, meet needs and expand their awareness and capabilities. These monthly events enrich your life and many have made lifelong friends through these events. 

Some members of our organizing committee refer to themselves as freelancers. People interested in personal, economic, spiritual and community development will be coming together to network at the same time and place each month to develop mutually supportive relationships and meet prospective clients for more joy, friendship and prosperity! You will also be meeting social entrepreneurs and people who may not refer to themselves as "freelancers."  This group is for people interested in bridging divides, creating opportunities, ending poverty, facilitating conversations and building community!

PS: If you like to ask your friends and new contacts to meet you at these 3rd Sunday 12:30PM collaborative networking events, the links are:,,,,   We look forward to get to know you and your friends better, both online and  face-to-face! (Photo of flowers are to remind us of the beauty and joy around us!) To participate, click the link related to online registration to obtain the zoom meeting ID. See you on 3rd Sundays at 1pm, open 10 minutes before 1pm. 

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