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Meditation Workshop with Live Music (Free) - Lighthouse Community Centre
Discover the simple and effective techniques of Sahaja Yoga Meditation which allow us to face ourselves, achieve balance, master stress, and improve our health. Based on ancient knowledge, Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, has developed a method that works for modern day people of all ages and walks of life. Music from the villages of India expresses the innocent joy of this ancient culture. Our events are always free. For more information call us at [masked] or visit our website at

Lighthouse Community Center

240 Lions Way · Qualicum Bay, BC

What we're about

"Today is the blossom time when many have to get the blessings of yoga."

"You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the Power that created you."

-- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Sahaja Yoga aims to bring meditation into the lives of ordinary people who seek a meaningful spiritual experience in the course of their hectic daily life. The state of meditation is attained through a spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, a dormant spiritual energy inside every human being. Once awakened, the Kundalini serves as a boundless source of a peaceful and balancing force. "Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced," states Sahaja Yoga's official website ( (


Sahaja Yoga meditation is originally from India and is taught in over 100 countries.

The meaning of Sahaja is "born within", "spontaneous", "effortless" and "natural". The meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is "union". Hence the meaning of the name Sahaja Yoga is essentially one's very own spontaneous union and connection with the Spirit and the all-pervading. It is a technique of meditation which is simple and natural, yet deeply profound.

Classes are always free of charge based on the principle that inner peace is each and every human being's birthright. We are a not for profit group of volunteers established in BC since 1981. Sahaja Yoga was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970.

You can find out more about Sahaja Yoga meditation and our classes on our website: (


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi quietly transformed lives. For more than forty years, she travelled internationally, offering free public lectures and the experience of Self-Realization to all. She taught the meditation practice to firmly establish and deepen this inner transformation of human beings.

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