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What we’re about

  • 1. What's the purpose of the group?

The Purpose of this Personal Development Group is to inspire people. It's to get around like minded people, it's to build a community that enjoys each others company and enjoys success along the way:)
My overall purpose in life is to eradicate depression for good. Do I know how to do that exactly? No. But, I am here on MeetUp delivering events, doing speeches, and I wrote a #1 book in depression category in the free section. So, what I am doing seems to in alignment with how to achieve it. Hopefully your journey in this group, you will find a purpose that inspires you into action and live a life that you deem deeply meaningful and super fun!:D

  • 2. Who should join?

You should join if you enjoy being in a great mood. A tired mood affects everything, decisions, lifestyle, relationships... So, in turn, feeling great helps you in everything.

That's what I want for you. If there is one thing I'm good at, it's feeling amazing haha! I understand deeply how my mood affects everything and everyone. I must feel amazing!
Heck, a smile is contagious, I could say the purpose of the group is to infect the world with smiles :)

  • 3. What will you do at your events?

For people who want to grow, take their life to a whole new level, then joining any event is purposeful! Ultimately, teaching you that everything you do has an impact. So, setting yourself up for the best life does not only affect you, it affects everyone around you. This sentence should be taken very seriously, and very playfully at the same time.
You'll get the best notes I have in a long hour.
Coaching is available outside too.

Some social handles:
My Instagram :)
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