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What we’re about

![img]( is a social network dedicated to exploring life on foot. We encourage everyone to walk but are most known for our longer distance walking events. Our group membership is free and open to everyone and most events are free too. We encourage each member to accomplish challenging goals as we work together, experience, and promote pro-pedestrian issues.

We are an IRS-approved 501(c)3 non-profit. We appreciate your tax-free donations to us which helps us create low-cost interesting and challenging walks open to everyone. 
Started in 2010, we now have over 2,000 members and organize dozens of walks each year throughout the Northeast and overseas. We do encourage joining ( and actively supporting our partners and sponsors who help make these events possible.
Why you might like to join the FreeWalkers:

  • Did you ever wonder how far you could walk?
    Do you like to walk with others but at your own pace?
    Are you more interested in accomplishing personal goals than winning a race?
    Are you the type of person who can't pass up an interesting challenge and/or adventure?
    Would you like to know more about the places you walk?
    Do you ever wish you could get out of your car and see what a community is really like?
    Do you believe you spend nearly as many calories walking as running but over a longer period of time?
    Are you looking for a sport where social interaction is possible?
    Are you looking for an alternative exercise routine that's both easy on the body and builds endurance?

If you agree with even a few of the above questions you might want to join us for one of our many events. Each event is carefully planned, uses mass transportation where possible for entry/exit points, however some walks may be accessible by car only. Most events cost nothing, but we always welcome donations and recognizes the importance of each individual's effort regardless of how many miles they accomplish.
Whether you are a participant, sponsor or partner we welcome you to the FreeWalkers and look forward to walking with you. Walk the Walk! It's good for you, good for us and good for the greater community.

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