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Drop-in French Conversation Lessons online.

 For obvious reasons, we cannot meet in person for the time being. But that doesn't mean you have to stop your French lessons. We will continue the lessons online using a platform like Skype or Zoom. You don't need to download the application. We will send you a Zoom link or Skype link that you can open safely on your computer or smart phone. 

So, if you want to continue to develop strategies to speak French with confidence, join us online for one of our weekly drop-in French lesson.

This will help you acquire French skills to speak French with native speakers. You will have the opportunity expressing yourself on different topics and listening to others. Teachers will coach you and correct your pronunciation and structure. Some grammar will be explained during each lesson, but the emphasis will be on conversation. You will learn French autonomously and we will coach you to find tools to speak French more fluently.

If you make an effort to study, do some homework, read and watch videos in French, progress is guaranteed.  

Cost: $15.00 per lesson 

Join us! 
Pierre Gilbert 
Drop-in French Conversation lessons

P.S. If you need a private lesson or need to get prepared for your French evaluation with the Government of Canada or the TEF, contact me at or 416-567-4595

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