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Friday Night Dice: The Burbank Faction - Early Start
You might remember the Friday Night Dice group. It broke up awhile ago, but this is one of the splinter groups that formed from members of that group. Come play some games. I've got a bunch of em, or bring whatever you like to play. Ameritrash, Euro-snoot, party games, dexterity games, card games, whatever. It all gets played at Friday Night Dice. My house isn't that big, so I've put a limit of 18 people (I think that's the most I could host without putting people at a patio table in the back yard - not a good idea during winter). So please only come if you've RSVP'd, and if you RSVP and then can't make it, please RSVP no, to open up spots in case someone else wants to come. One other note: I have cats. Two of them. If you're mildly allergic to cats, you might be able to get away with taking a benadryl or something. If you're strongly allergic to cats, then I'd advise you to try Marty's Friday Night Dice meetup in Sherman Oaks instead. He has plenty of room and no cats. cheers, John

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Friday Night Board Gaming (formerly Friday Night Dice) is a meetup for everyone who likes board games. And if you’re new to board games, our friendly gamers are happy to teach you how to play. We play basic European board games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride, etc., and more advanced games like Suburbia, Power Grid, Terraforming Mars, and Railways of the World. Also war games & card games. We bring lots of games, but you’re free to bring your own!

We used to game at LASFS (Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society) in Van Nuys. However, as that organization sold its building we have moved to Paper Hero's and Games, a game store in Sherman Oaks, and we continue to meet every Friday late afternoon and evening.

We share the gaming space with a large group of Magic the Gathering players but we easily have room for between 10 to 20 board gamers who usually show up for board games. Most of these gamers are regulars who just don't bother to RSVP as this is a store open to all comers and requiring a Yes RSVP is not feasible as we are often joined by store customers who see what we are doing and ask to join in - and we always say YES! (As most gamers do not bother to RSVP, quite often our home page will just show me as the only attendee even though we may have almost 2 dozen gamers at our tables. So, if the home page shows just 1 person attending, pay no attention to that as we may very well have full house of gamers.)

So come on down and get your gaming fix this Friday at the friendly and comfortable game store. We have beginners and advanced gamers, so everyone is welcome.

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