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What we’re about

If you are looking for a fun group of women to hang out with and make genuine friendships then "Just Friends" is the group for you! Just Friends is about connecting and building great friendships with other women in Colorado Springs.

Whether you are new to Colorado Springs or been here a long time everyone can use some girlfriends. We're about spending time together to share great conversations, laughter, a listening ear, but especially having fun activities to do together. Just Friends is an eclectic, authentic and fun group of women.

We are geared towards a variety of events such as coffee/tea morning social, book club, dining out, happy hour, walking/hiking, movies, bingo, potluck, wine tasting, picnics, card games, day trips, etc. We encourage all members to suggest what activities they are interested in which contributes to what we do as a group.

Please put a current photo of yourself on your profile page that way we can recognize you and make you feel welcome when you attend an event.

Please check your email inbox or junk/spam after joining the group to read the "Welcome Letter". Good information about the group. (Some information can be subject to change)

Join Just Friends today -- we look forward to meeting you!