What we're about

We welcome singles and couples ages starting in the mid 20's, through the mid-40's.

The Saturday Dinners takes place once a month all over the Twin Cities metro area where locals of Minneapolis can get together and pleasantly enjoy each other's company after a long week. Each dinner will have a unique theme, usually based around a type of food. If you want to meet great people and eat delicious food, then Saturday Night Dinners is perfect for you! Join in on the fun!

Once you are a part of the group, you will not be removed because of age. This is providing people to mix within their social circle and to have an age group to hang out with. Hanging out with each other outside the group is also strongly encouraged.

1. First, life happens when you have something come up and you were going to do something, and then you can't. I have it happen a lot. However, moving forward, there will be a 3 no-shows policy being enforced immediately. This will be for organizers as well, but we are organizing, so hopefully we follow through. 😉

Please keep in mind that the organizers are volunteering to run the group and plan events. We love to do it, and are happy to do it, especially me, because we are all for meeting people.
After each event, the organizers will go through the rsvp list and mark only if someone was a no-show, especially for the virtual ones right now. If it reaches 3, you will get an email from me asking you if you are wanting to be in the group and put out a final warning. If you don't respond, you will be removed from the group. It will be handled on an individual basis.

2. This is a Saturday Night Dinners group only. If any other organizer reaches out to a member to mix the event with us with their group, especially if it's not a Saturday Night Dinner, it is not an option. If they want to join the group, please have them request to join the group.

3. This group is fun and drama free. If a member is uncomfortable with a certain member, please reach out to them and work it out before the event. Organizers don't have any say about what happens outside of the group.

4. I am going to encourage that if you have any icebreakers for the event, until we all get to know each other, to bring them to the group.

7. Be kind to each other and have fun.

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Cheesecake Night

Needs a location

Let's get together in our favorite fall colors, and enjoy good food, cheesecake and company. The restaurant only allows 6 and there is no guarantee that we will be seated next to each other if there are more, so please update your RSVP if things change.


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Bowling Night

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