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We'd rather be out on the field playing Frisbee than being stuck in the gym; hence this Meetup. Ultimate is a fun, active sport that is easy to learn, and no special equipment is needed (except for a disc). This group is for players of all skill levels who want to play Ultimate Frisbee (or would like to learn the game). Basic qualifications: Can catch and throw the Frisbee!

Location: Usually Wakeman Park in Westport. Please let me know about any good fields around where we can play. VIMP: Please please fill in this poll when you join: ( http://ultimatefrisbee.meetup.com/191/polls/125417/ )

Fill in your profile, it will help us schedule the games more efficiently. I would rather have 20 active members in the group than 200 inactive! We are here to have fun, enjoy the weather and stay fit! Welcome!

RSVP guidelines: RSVPs are useful to help track attendance. On days when attendance is low, sometimes it is necessary to cancel the game. RSVPing helps prevent people from showing up to the fields when no game is happening.

The first rule of Frisbee is known as "The Spirit of the Game" and it refers to playing with high levels of sportsmanship and respect for other players. This continues off the field, and it means as a group we welcome everyone, regardless of background or lifestyle.

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Thursday Frisbee

Wakeman Park

Hey guys come on out for our weekly Thursday evening frisbee game and luau. The cones will be set up and the pig will be roasting in the fire pit under the football goal posts! Bring sides, white and dark shirts for teams, and optional masks.

Lost and Found
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Stuff periodically gets left on the field after our games. Actually lots of stuff. Usually me or Steve will pick things up and then it sits in the back of our for an annoying amount of time.

If you've lost something or picked something up, put it in the comments so that it can get back to its owner. Once it's returned delete the comment so we can keep the list clean.

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Sunday frisbee

Wakeman Park

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