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Hey Gang,

So, as it turns out there are bars in Sono that are like not on that one street. There's this magical place called the Sono Market Place ( with beer and pizza and possibly lobster and maybe meatballs. I was there last monday and there was a lobster boat captain that almost killed a guy 3 times mostly by accident from what we could tell. The bartender is super nice. If you give him a weird suggestion he will do that. Someone said, mix all the beer together from 12 taps. and sure enough he did. and we drank it. and it wasn't half bad. he randomly made things and just gave them for people to try.

They had a pretty solid selection of beers on tap for 5 bucks plus on monday nights there is always one beer thats just a dollar (probably bud light, but who knows). There was free pizza, some had bacon, it was magical. Will there be free pizza this monday, again, maybe, but if not you can still just buy a pizza, i mean if you're drinking dollar beers you can splurge.

Is there a piano just sitting around that people can play? There sure as fuck is.

Does the bar smell of rich mahogany? Well no, its more of an oak I think. But its still very nice.

So come one and all, bring your friends, bring your wife/gf/husband/bf as long as they aren't some kind of fun hating jerk because its fun and if they hate fun they will have a crappy time and probably make you leave early and thats lame.