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I used to be a social caterpillar. I was nerdish, I tended to be a loner, and I usually spent my time reading books or watching videos. Nowadays, I don't know if I am a social butterfly, but I enjoy running meetup groups, give talks on various topics, counsel people on how to improve their lives, and I communicate with a lot of people on a regular basis. While other people are feeling isolated, I am making more connections than ever before.

Am I happier than before? Absolutely!!

How did I make this change? What's my secret? That's what we will discuss in this group!

In our group meetings, you will learn tested and tried methods to turn yourself from a social recluse to a dynamic people person. As a result, you will likely make more friends, communicate better with people at work, get noticed more, get more contacts, and if you are single, maybe even find a partner.

Come to this group and learn how to improve your people skills and make more friends. No more isolation! It's time for you to take off and fly!

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center in Washington, DC.

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