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Front Range Front-End Meetup: Agile Design Systems

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Style Guides & Pattern Libraries are great tools for documenting the relationships between code and design, but beautiful docs are only half the battle. We don’t all have dedicated teams and budgets to build a centralized system. How can we build patterns into our code, using templates and pre-processors to iterate and automate living design systems in an agile and integrated process?

• Using templates and pre-processors for pattern-making in CSS and HTML.
• Designing and integrating toolkits that force pattern-making.
• Examples of what we’ve done, where we’ve failed, and where we’re headed.

Special Speaker: Miriam Suzanne (

Miriam leads the OddBird process, working with clients and users to set priorities and find solutions to their unique problems. She is a user-experience expert, and a pioneer of modern CSS techniques – creating the popular Susy responsive-grid toolkit, and True unit-testing library. Miriam is a staff writer for CSS Tricks, co-author of SitePoint’s Jump Start Sass, and an internationally known conference speaker, winning “Best of” CSS Dev Conf in 2017. She is also a multimedia artist with extensive experience in theatre, writing, music, and visual art.
Code Talent
3412 Blake St · Denver, CO
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