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Komunita, srazy a online streamy zaměřené na webový frontend: JavaScript, CSS, HTML a další témata.

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Pravidelný hospodský sraz komunity Frontendisti.cz

Program a místo budou upřesněny před konáním akce.

Svoji přednášku můžeš přihlásit na odkazu níže 💪.

Máš zajímavé téma z oblasti webového frontendu – CSS, JS a příbuzných témat? Vyplň nám dotazník. Neboj se to zkusit, i když zkušenosti s přednášením zatím nemáš. Rádi ti pomůžeme.

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Exploring GPT: AI News, Open Source Evolution & Web Essentials | Frontendisti.cz

Hi, developer!
We have a little change this time - this meetup is English-only. Anyways, the grand finale of this season's meetups will take place at the Pipedrive offices. We've rocked that place before, and now it's time to bring the house down once again! With the holidays just around the corner, we'll be taking a break, but before that, let's get together and network. Trust us, you won't want to miss this one!

The meetup includes:
Nowwwinky (FE news and trends) and 3 keynote speakers
Up to 80 attendees
Expect tasty refreshments and drinks 🍻

Doors: 18:00
Keynote speakers: 18:30-20:15
Networking: 20:15 onward

0️⃣ Nowwwinky (FE news and trends)
Tomáš, as always, will be the one to bring you our classy Newwws. Once again, you can look forward to new things in the world of just-released browsers and frontend in general.

Speaker: Tomáš Kout, Website manager at Lentiamo s.r.o.
Tomáš is an experienced coder with years of practice who is keenly interested in all the latest trends in the frontend field. He is also an integral part of the Frontendisti.cz team and has been moderating our meetups for several years.

1️⃣ Getting Started Right
What are the crucial factors to keep in mind when creating a new project? I'll clarify critical points to focus on for a project, which will not be thrown away in a year.

Speaker: Martin Kolář, freelancer
Martin is working as a front-end coder for over ten years. He is a freelancer and works on numerous e-commerce projects, giving him extensive experience with modern and long-term projects.

2️⃣ Open source - where did we go wrong, and what to do now?
Let's embark on an investigative journey of open-source code in a usual codebase. We’ll talk about the common problems of open-source today and what we can do about it for a better future.

Speaker: Georgy Marchuk, Co-founder at Open Source Software Institute.
Georgy is the co-founder and Director of OSSI during the daytime and sort of an IndieHacker at night. He used to code at Pipedrive, and you can often find him publishing cool, but mostly useless, stuff to Github. You can find Georgy on LinkedIn, GitHub, or Telegram.

3️⃣ Understanding GPT and other AI news
In this talk, we’ll embark on a high-level exploration of OpenAI's ChatGPT. Focusing on the art of effective prompting and its role as a reasoning tool, I will also try and talk a little bit about the processes involved in building such an advanced language model. Lastly, I want to demo some other AI tools coming out these days almost every other week in this fascinating time.

Speaker: Roman Schejbal, Software Engineer in the fintech industry
Roman is a full-stack software engineer, highly experienced in agile development and extreme programming. Some of his latest work consists of building a high-throughput, resilient Rust backends and consulting in the fintech industry. You can find him researching machine learning and game development in his free time, or mentoring at ReactGirls.

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