Stay pure and don't become a mutant


If you've never seen F# before, great, this meet up is for you.

If you're a functional master, great, this meet up is for you too.

There will be two presentations where we will be touching on F# syntax as well as some functional fundamentals.

Also, there will be pizza.

5:30 pm - Food and socialising
6:00 pm - Presentations

Using Option Types - Jorge Fioranelli (@jorgefioranelli (

Are you tired of NullReferenceExceptions? In this presentation Jorge will explain how F# solves this problem with Option Types. He will show why they are so useful, how they work and how to use them in different scenarios.

Stay pure and don't become a mutant - Troy Kershaw (@troykershaw (

Your code can have less errors and be easier to write, read and maintain if you do just one thing: stop changing stuff! We will need to switch off our imperative minds and change the way we approach problems, but not too much. We'll be looking at two ways to make this easy with pure functions and immutability.