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Now, let's make international friends in Fukushima!

This meetup is the best choice if you wanna make new friends / language exchange / share culture in Fukushima. Welcome to join!

Our group’s concept is “making more open international comunities in Fukushima”. Let’s share enjoyable international experiences with us.

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Fukushima International Meetup!! @Chamber Omachi 3F



【Language Exchange × meetup🥳】


Finally! We have restarted our meetup event in Fukushima! Yay!
June 4th Sunday at Chamber Omachi 3F 14:00~16:00
みんな!久しぶり!いよいよ再スタート! ミートアップはじまります!
6月4日(日)チェンバおおまち3F 14:00~16:00

【This meetup is for people who are interested in making new friends / language exchange / sharing culture.】

We Japanese people want to be your friends. If you have no chance to get to know new people, just join us! This meetup is definitely gonna help you! Let's make local friends and get to know more about Fukushima and its culture. Plus! you can improve your Japanese!

Mainly we’ll have a language exchange to brush up our skills with each other. We'll switch speaking languages every 15min. For example, first half English and second half Japanese. Seats will be shuffled every 30min. You also can choose any kind of languages if you want! It's totally up to the members you chat with there!

No matter what your English/Japanese speaking levels are, please don’t be shy to come! Organizers would love to help you anytime. We are welcoming you to join us with games such as conversation cubes, Jengas, cards and Uno to make you feel easy to speak with new people!
Our recent meetup’s short video: https://www.facebook.com/1667240686677256/posts/2502692116465438?sfns=mo






過去の会の様子 : https://www.facebook.com/1667240686677256/posts/2502692116465438?sfns=mo

☆Details / 詳細

・Place / 場所
Chamber Omachi 3F / チェンバおおまち 3階
Address : 4-15 Ōmachi, Fukushima,[masked]
住所 : 福島県福島市大町4-15
map : https://goo.gl/maps/HuS7FprZvSyS1Jsy9
Access : 10min on foot from JR Fukushima station
アクセス : JR福島駅から徒歩10分

We’ll show you signs at the meetup place on the day. 当日に会場に目印を設置します。

You’re allowed to eat and drink something at the place. Organizers will prepare cups. Please bring beverages and foods to share if you can.

・Fee / 参加費 500円

・Schedule / スケジュール
○ 13:35〜 reception and preparation / 受付・準備時間
○ 14:00〜 conversation / 交流①
○ 14:30〜 break and changing seats / 休憩 席替え①
○ 14:35〜 conversation / 交流②
○ 15:05〜 break and changing seats / 休憩 席替え②
○ 15:10〜 conversation / 交流③
○ 15:40〜 clean room up 片付け
○ 16:00  finish / 終了

*We have to clean up and return seats and tables right place. So please help us to do that. Besides, we need to bring garbage home.

・Teatime or party / 懇親会
After we finish meetup, we’ll go to certain café or bar if there’re people who wanna talk more. Let’s chat at a good café or bar.

Thank you for reading all of contents, although it was long! If you have difficulties to make new local friends, you should come! It’ll be an exciting moment! See you soon!

We don’t allow business activities / religious solicitation / flirting / sexual harassment / offending someone / violence at our meetup. If someone does any of these acts, we would ban the person from our group. Thank you for your understanding.


•Inquiry and application: We accept them at this page or at FB page, by email.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/FICs-Fukushima-International-Communities-1667240686677256/
Email: [masked]

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